Ideas to Help Your Community and Print for a Good Cause

During this time of social distancing, there are ways that local print shops can help members of the community. Creating graphics, updating and refreshing old graphics, and helping with décor renovations are great ways to help small businesses, as many non-essential companies and organizations are closed.

If you’re looking for inspiration and ways you can help, check out our collection of LexJet brandUP stories:

When Cat Depot moved to its new location in Sarasota, Fla., volunteers taped pictures of cats to the windows and displayed operational hours on regular office paper that had to be replaced often. Because the non-profit organization relies heavily on volunteers and donations, eye-catching graphics were not a priority. That’s when the idea of LexJet’s brandUP was born. A group of LexJet summer interns visited Cat Depot to see what type of graphics were needed and what media would be required. To replace the taped images on the front windows, the interns selected Simple Perforated Window Vinyl 70/30, to help with the interior and exterior doors, they chose LexJet Simple Flo Wrap Vinyl, and to help with some temporary signage, LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric was the perfect solution.

The owners of Average Joe’s Grooming were looking to add some puppy love to their new space and make it more functional. Installing LexJet Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30) on the windows reduced glare to benefit the groomers while passersby were greeted with a welcoming image of a larger-than-life dog. To liven up the interior walls, the team printed smiling dogs and cute cartoons on HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper and LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric.

Felts Audubon Preserve is perfect for bird and nature enthusiasts. It is tucked away among the neighborhoods of rural Palmetto, Fla. Unfortunately, vandals damaged the signs that were originally designed and donated by a local Boy Scout troop. As a brandUP project, LexJet donated ChromaLuxe EXT metal photo panels with graffiti and fade-resistant properties that stand up to vandalism as well as the tough Florida sunshine. We partnered the ChromaLuxe panels with LexJet InFuze® Rigid Substrate Dye-Sublimation Paper and used the Geo Knight Digital Knight 20×25 Jumbo Swinger for the transfer process.

If you are printing for essential businesses or charities in your community, we’d love to hear your story. Call us at 800-453-9538 and let us know how we can help.

Wall Murals and Decals Made Simple with Simple WallCal

Printing custom wall murals and decalsFollowing the recent introduction of Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30), LexJet announces the latest addition to its Simple line of imaging materials for solvent, low-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers: LexJet Simple WallCal (6 Mil).

With Simple WallCal in your media arsenal you can enhance any home, retail or commercial environment with one-of-a-kind custom wall murals and cut-out decals without the added expense of professional installers. Simple WallCal is very easy to install, thanks to the innovative microsphere adhesive that allows the material to be repositioned frequently during installation.

Simple WallCal is removable for up to one year after installation, making it the ideal choice for wall murals and graphics that will be replaced at least once a year. When removed within a year’s time, Simple WallCal will peel right off without damaging the wall or leaving any residue.

With a 6-mil thickness and a lay-flat liner, the semi-rigid premium matte vinyl is also easy to work with in production and will not curl, either in production, during installation or while it’s on the wall. Like all LexJet Simple materials, Simple WallCal images exceptionally well and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information about Simple WallCal and other Simple materials for vehicle, window, floor, carpet and other applications, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Windows Made Simple with Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30)

LexJet has just introduced Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30) to complement its Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (60/40) offering. The 70/30 offers more print area for that extra punch at retail; 60/40 is best for applications – like vehicle windows – that require more visibility looking out the window.

Using window graphics for advertisingSimple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30) is a 6-mil perforated vinyl designed to stop people in their tracks outside a store and lure them inside. Once inside, shoppers can see outside, and see quite well since the vinyl also cuts down on sunshine glare.

The two-layer perforated liner allows trouble-free printing for shops with UV-curable printers. “We printed some large panels and with UV-curable printing we have to make sure that your ink stays on the liner and doesn’t come off and fill the hole. It’s an issue we’ve had with other similar products, but we haven’t seen it at all on this product,” says Ricky Shannon, operations manager for Keith Fabry Inc., Richmond, Va.

Designed to be exterior-mounted to windows, Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30), is easy to handle and easy to print, install and remove. “It’s fairly low-tack when you apply it, but it becomes fairly aggressive so that it stays on the window. Then, when we peeled it back to remove it there was no residue so it works very well from installation to removal,” adds Shannon.

Use LexJet’s Optically Clear Cast Laminate or LexJet Gloss Polyester Laminate (2 Mil) for additional protection, if needed. A nice bonus is that the laminates not only protect, but will not interfere with the clarity of the image or the inside-outside view.

Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30) is compatible with solvent, low-solvent, UV-curable and latex printers, and is available in 60″ x 100′ and 60″ x 20′ rolls. To find out more, and to find the right material for the application, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.