Buy an Expand Banner Stand, Get 25% off a Roll of Expand Certified Media

Banner stand display inkjet printingHot on the heels of the announcement that LexJet and Expand International have partnered to provide Expand’s line of banner stands – most of which come with a lifetime warranty – you’ll get 25 percent off a roll of LexJet media certified for the banner stands when you buy an Expand banner stand.

Qualifying certified media includes LexJet 5.5 Mil Matte Opaque Display Film for aqueous printers and LexJet Satin Light Block Polyester (7 Mil) and LexJet Satin Light Block Polyester (9 Mil).

LexJet 5.5 Mil Matte Opaque Display Film is a scratch-resistant polyester film that’s 100 percent opaque, ensuring a clean, durable image that won’t be overwhelmed by light streaming through the back of it and revealing the hardware behind the image. If you choose this Expand certified media and buy a LexJet Elite laminate to go with it, you’ll get 30 percent off the laminate as well.

LexJet Satin Light Block Polyester, 7 Mil and 9 Mil, doesn’t require lamination and is also a 100-percent opaque polyester film that can be used with solvent, low solvent, UV-curable and latex inks.

Expand banner stands you can choose from include:

  • Expand MediaScreen 1: Retractable display with an adjustable telescopic pole
  • Expand MediaScreen 2 Indoor: Two retractable banner stands in one with a clamping profile so the pole doesn’t protrude above the image
  • Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor: Double-sided display with support feet, a resilient support pole for added stability and made with weather-resistant materials
  • Expand MediaScreen XL: Patented magnetic connectors allow users to easily link two or more displays
  • Expand MediaScreen 4: A great choice for users who need to change the image frequently
  • Expand QuickScreen 1: The standard for retractable banner stands features a compact shape and timeless design for almost any environment
  • Expand QuickScreen 3:  The patented removable cassette allows users to easily change graphics in the field
  • Expand BannerStand: Non-retractable lightweight display with a slim design in 17 different sizes
  • Expand SmartStand: It has a telescopic pole that makes it easy to change the height and adapt the image to suit specific needs
  • Expand XStand: Functional and cost effective marketing display that’s lightweight and easy to assemble

To take advantage of this offer, which is good through April 30, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Quick Tip: How Much is Left on a Roll?

There is a relatively simple calculation you can use to determine how much is left on a roll of inkjet printable media, based on the diameter of the roll. Here’s how to determine the amount of material left on a roll, give or take an inch or two:

Roll length in feet = (0.06545/media thickness in inches) x (outer diameter squared – inner diameter squared)

All measurements are in inches, by the way.

For example, the outer diameter of the roll (core included) is 4 inches, the inner roll diameter is 3 inches, and the material thickness is .013 inches. There are 1,000 mils per inch, so the material in this example is 13 mils, or .013 inches thick. A 7-mil material would be .007 inches thick (7/1000):

(.06545/.013) x (42 – 32)

5.03 x (16-9)

5.03 x 7 = 35.24

Roll length remaining = 35.24 ft.