Survey Confirms Photographers Use Inkjet Printers for More than Photo Prints

Does your photography studio use your inkjet printer for purposes other than printing photos? If so, you’re not alone!

According to the I.T. Strategies’ 2010 survey of more than 1,200 photographers who own inkjet printers, 62% of the respondents are using their printers for more than photographic output.  

Survey Shows Why Photographers with Inkjet Printers Outsource Some Printing

Although pro-model inkjet printers are extremely versatile and can be used to produce many different types of photographs, promotional materials, and specialty products, about 30% of photographers who own pro-model inkjet printers continue to outsource some of their inkjet printing. This was one of the findings of an in-depth survey that I.T. Strategies conducted in May of 2010. More than 1,100 photographer-survey participants responded to the question: “Do you outsource inkjet printing?”

When asked about the volume of work they outsourced, 58% of respondents indicated they outsourced 10% or less of their total printing. Only 12% said they outsourced more than 50% of their printing work.

Survey Shows Pro Photographers Are Very Satisfied with Their Inkjet Printers

In July, we shared some of the findings from an in-depth survey of professional photographers conducted in May 2010 by I.T. Strategies, a digital-printing market research firm that has been surveying photographers since 2005. In that post, we highlighted some of the reasons why professional photographers have purchased inkjet printers.  In this post, we’ll review some of the data from a Market Pulse Report issued in July that shows how satisfied photographers are with the inkjet printers they use.