Tips to Increase Uptime on Your Printer

To increase uptime on your printer it can be helpful to minimize service issues. Here are some important steps you should take that will save you time, hassles, and money down the road:

  1. Have the warranty hotline number and the printer’s serial number accessible: Keep these numbers where they can be easily found.  Write down all details, including the name of the person who helped you.  Document, document, document.
  2. Do I have a manufacturer’s warranty or is my existing warranty through a third party? Surprisingly, you’re likely to get on-site service more quickly through a third party.
  3. How old is my printer, and is it still under warranty? The age of your printer will influence your decision to fix or replace.  If you’ve let your warranty lapse, you may want to spend a little extra on a new piece of technology instead of paying for parts and labor from a service technician.
  4. Are we able to trade in our printer or get a free one somehow? During the course of the year printer manufacturers run regular promotions that give you cash back when you trade in your old printer for a newer model. LexJet is an excellent one-stop source for this information.

These are great alternatives that can help subsidize the cost, keep cash flows in line, and are viable options should your printer suddenly stop working.