Epson’s New SureColor T Series and Setup Videos

Setting up Epson inkjet printers for technical and GIS printingEpson America recently introduced a new line of large-format color plotters designed to meet the specific requirements of today’s engineering and scientific professionals – the Epson SureColor T3000 (24″ wide), T5000 (36″ wide) and T7000 (44″ wide).

The T Series marks Epson’s entry into the technical printing market, giving architects, engineers and GIS professionals a powerful combination of precision, performance and value.

Built from the ground up using all-Epson engineering, and incorporating the latest in printing technology, the Epson SureColor T-Series delivers extreme line accuracy with resolutions up to 2880 x 1440 dpi at some of the fastest speeds in its class – producing a presentation quality D-size plot in as little as 25 seconds and up to 110 per hour.

For added performance, the SureColor T-Series plotters feature a convenient output stacking basket that organizes up to 20 A1/D- or A0/E-sized plain paper plots for quick retrieval and to reduce sorting time.

 The SureColor T-Series also features Epson’s latest ink technology, Epson UltraChrome XD pigment ink, delivering crisp lines, brilliant color and photographic quality on virtually any paper type for accurate prints that are truly archival and extremely smudge and water-resistant.

For added flexibility, the T-Series Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo Black and Matte Black ink cartridges are available in 110 ml, 350 ml, as well as a high-capacity 700 ml size to lower overall printing costs and to accommodate a range of printing tasks.

Like any other printer, a little bit of help with printer setup can go a long way in getting your new printer up and running in a short amount of time. While the setup guide and quick reference guide that accompany the Epson SureColor T-Series printers are invaluable, sometimes seeing how everything comes together can be even better.

Embedded below, in the order shown, are the Epson SureColor T-Series Printer Setup Videos: Printer Stand Assembly, Paper Basket Assembly and Installing Ink Cartridges.

Check back next week to learn how to load roll paper in this printer and to get a peek at the various options on the printer’s front panel (printer LCD).

Canon iPF8400 Printer Setup Videos

How to install ink in a Canon wide format inkjet printerAs noted here at the LexJet Blog yesterday, Canon introduced its new line of wide format inkjet printers, the iPFX400 line.

When purchasing a new wide-format printer, a little extra help with setup never hurts. The manual that accompanies the new iPF8400 does a great job, but being able to see how everything comes together can be even more helpful. Please note that these videos also apply to setting up an iPF8300S.

The Canon iPF8400 Printer Setup videos embedded below in the order shown include:

  • Stand Assembly
  • Paper Basket Assembly
  • Removing the Belt Stopper and Installing Printheads 
  • Installing Ink
  • Loading Roll Paper and Printer Calibration

If you have any questions about setting up or using a Canon iPF8400 or other Canon imagePROGRAF Printers contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Loading Media and Printer Options on the New Epson SureColor S30670 Inkjet Printer

How to set up an inkjet printerScheduled to begin shipping soon, Epson’s new SureColor S30670 low-solvent inkjet printer is currently being put through its paces at LexJet’s print lab. The initial tests indicate that the printer is as advertised: Fast production speeds and high-quality output.

To find out more about the printer, click here for a preview, and to see how to set up the printer, click here.

In the videos embedded below in the order shown, you’ll see how to load media in the SureColor 30670 and how to access the various printer options and features using the printer LCD. If you have any questions or you’re interested in pre-ordering the SureColor S30670, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538…

More than 100 Educational Videos Now at LexJet’s YouTube Channel

YouTube educational videos for wide format inkjet printingLexJet’s YouTube channel has been the go-to destination for professionals in the wide format inkjet printing industry, photographers who print in-house, fine art reproduction companies and others involved in inkjet printing with new educational and how-to videos covering a wide range of topics – from printer setup and workflow to demonstrations of new products – at

LexJet’s YouTube channel currently hosts more than 130 videos divided into nine featured playlists: Canon iPF Printers and Workflow, Epson Stylus Pro Printers and Workflow, HP Printers and Workflow, Education, Product Demonstrations, Onyx RIP, Display Hardware, Infinium and Around LexJet.

“Most of LexJet’s videos are produced based on customer requests for help with troubleshooting various print processes, from developing and preparing a wide format job in the software to finishing the graphic once it’s printed,” explains Sean McGettigan, LexJet’s video production director. “Though our customer specialists are here to provide free and unlimited product and technical support, the videos are an excellent supplement to our services.”

The Printer and Workflow playlists for Canon, Epson and HP include printer setup videos, how-to videos for printing through various applications (like Photoshop, Illustrator and PDFs), troubleshooting and demonstrations of various printer functions, like properly loading media and ink.

The Education, Product Demonstration and Display Hardware playlists include how-to videos on a number of subjects, like how to coat canvas, how to use Sunset Stretcher Bars for canvas wraps and step-by-step banner stand assembly.

The Onyx RIP playlist shows users how to use the Onyx RIP to maximize efficiency and color output in the wide-format printing process. The Infinium playlist shows how the industry’s first transportable and conformable print material can be applied to a range of substrates, from leather to wood, and the Around LexJet playlist gives an inside view of LexJet’s unique culture at its offices in Sarasota.

According to McGettigan, viewership at LexJet’s YouTube channel increased by more than 1,000 percent in 2011 over the previous year, and plans are in progress to continue this growth curve by introducing five to ten new videos per month in 2012.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest technologies and products for wide format inkjet printing and how to use them, go to

Canon iPF8300S/iPF8300 Printer Setup Videos

How to load roll paper on a Canon iPF8300S or iPF8300When purchasing a new wide-format printer, a little extra help with setup never hurt. The manual that accompanies the iPF8300S does a great job, but being able to see how everything comes together can be even more helpful. Please note that these videos also apply to setting up an iPF8300.

The Canon iPF8300S Printer Setup videos embedded below in the order shown include:

  • Stand Assembly
  • Paper Basket Assembly
  • Removing the Belt Stopper and Installing Printheads
  • Installing Ink
  • Loading Roll Paper and Printer Calibration

If you have any questions about setting up or using a Canon iPF8300S or other Canon imagePROGRAF Printers contact a LexJet Account Specialist at 800-453-9538.

Printing Tips from the Canon Digital Learning Center

At LexJet, we’re encouraged to see the growing range of educational resources now available for photographers who want to print professional-quality images. We plan to start featuring some of those resources on this blog.  

For example: if it’s been awhile since you visited the Canon Digital Learning Center, check it out! In addition to providing excellent advice on shooting different types of photography, you can learn more about color management and how to print from Canon’s wide-format imagePROGRAF printers and 8- and 10-color PximaPro printers.

You can download a copy of this guide in Canon's Digital Learning Center.

The instructional resources highlight some of the lesser-known features of the printers. For example, the author of an article on how to create Custom Profiles for Canon Printers points out that if you’re printing a bunch of test prints and want to remember which settings you used for each print, you can print a label directly onto your test print.

“You can actually do this right in the Canon Print Plug-In when you export an image to print. Just go up to File>Export>iPF5100 Print PlugIn (for example).  Once exported, click on the Print History tab.” Then, click on Edit Comment to create a custom label that will output directly on top of the test print.

Another useful tip from this article on custom profiles:  Before you scan your printed test charts, let them sit in a dark, dust-free environment for at least 30 minutes after printing.

An article on Basic Color Management explains a profile this way: “Basically, a profile creates a mathematical equation for my monitor to communicate to my printer and produce as close to the same printer as possible. That is why calibrating monitors is so important.”

After briefly discussing the fundamentals of color spaces, the author asks and answers this question: “Which color space should you be working in with Canon printers?” For Canon printers, Adobe RGB is recommended because “You want to capture and work with images that are close to your output device as possible.”  

With Canon’s total input-to-output solution, you can capture images in Adobe RGB on your Canon DSLR and print them in a color space very similar to Adobe RGB on the Canon imagePROGRAF printers.

The Basic Color Management article includes other useful tips, including how to soft proof in Photoshop and see when your printer can’t reproduce some of the colors you see on the screen. This enables you to make the appropriate adjustments on screen before you waste time, money, and materials making multiple test prints.

If you want more information than is presented in the articles, you can download a 21-page Digital Color Management Guidebook for your Canon cameras and printers. Also featured in the Canon Digital Learning Center site is a series of podcasts that you can view on screen or download. The podcasts range from 4 to 15 minutes, and cover topics such as:

  • Basic Color Management
  • Custom Profiling
  • Media Selection
  • Printing from RAW using Digital Photo Professional
  • Setting up Your iPF5100
  • Setting up Your iPF6100
  • Image Optimization and Soft Proofing with Photoshop
  • Using the Photoshop imagePROGRAF Export Plug-In

If you want to learn more about the Canon iPF printers that LexJet sells, or have any specific questions that aren’t answered in Canon’s Digital Learning Center, please feel free to call a friendly LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Every week, we help dozens of Canon-printer users learn how to get the most from their wide-format imagePROGRAF printers, and we can help you, too!