SGIA Webinar Leader Rick Farrell Explains Why Selling Has Nothing to Do with Selling

Changes in technology not only affect the types of products and services you can offer, but also how you manage your business. To expose graphic companies to fresh ideas on the business front, SGIA offers some excellent educational programs on topics such as marketing, pricing, and selling.

For example, in the one-hour webinar that SGIA hosted on June 23, sales trainer Rick P. Farrell of Tangent Knowledge Systems previewed some provocative concepts from his forthcoming book entitled Selling Has Nothing to Do with Selling.

Farrell contends that most salespeople “are very good at a game that’s no longer being played” and continue to sell with the equivalent of DOS while customers have moved on to Windows 7. He suggests that relying solely on charm, likability, enthusiasm, and persistence to build relationships isn’t enough anymore.