Wall Covering Sets the Tone at Gander Mountain

Park Printing Solutions printed dozens of approximately 12 ft. x 50 ft. murals on LexJet Velvet WallPro SUV for Gander Mountain. Some were applied directly to the wall if it was drywall, while others like this application were applied to a framed board. The painted cinder block was not the ideal surface and Gander Mountain wanted a consistent, classy look for all the wall murals as well as a velvet surface that would not reflect the glare of the overhead lights.

Giant wall murals are always a challenge, especially when it comes time to install the behemoths. Park Printing Solutions, working in conjunction with its client, Gander Mountain, found the perfect solution.

Gander Mountain was in the midst of opening a number of new stores and updating some of its older stores when the outdoor gear superstore heard about Park Printing Solutions. Given Park Printing’s expertise and reputation for creating outstanding environmental graphics programs, and the nature of Gander Mountain’s needs, Park Printing was a logical choice.

The question, as always, centered on the best material for such a project. Some of the wall mural installations would go up on drywall, others on painted cinder block. The drywall solution was simple: inkjet receptive, commercial grade vinyl wall covering that’s applied like regular wallpaper. For the cinder block walls, Gander Mountain decided to build giant frames upon which to apply the wall covering. Gander Mountain stuck with an inkjet receptive vinyl wall covering (pun intended) for this project because the Gander Mountain installation team preferred a wallpaper-like application, it would maintain a consistent look and it would simply look better.

“If you compare a flat matte wall covering material to a typical vinyl that has a sheen to it, the wall covering will look much more chic, which is what they were going for,” says Mike Stolen, product manager for Park Printing Solutions, based in Verona, Wis. Park Printing Solutions chose to use LexJet Velvet WallPro SUV for the project, which would entail dozens of approximately 12 ft. x 50 ft. murals.