Get the Most Out of Your Aqueous Printer

Are you using your aqueous printer to its full potential? From canvas prints to temporary outdoor graphics, your aqueous printer is the utility player every profitable printshop needs. We’ve put together some applications and media suggestions to help you get the most out of your printer:

Décor: If you are considering décor applications, you may have thought an aqueous printer limited your capabilities, but, in fact, you can print plenty of décor applications, including wall art and wall murals. LexJet Sunset Select Matte Canvas is a customer favorite for photo prints or fine art reproductions. It can also be easily stretched for canvas wraps, like the GOframe system. If you are looking for wall murals, decals or window graphics, try LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric, an easy-to-use and apply option that’s forgivable and repositionable during installation. Check out our Digital Décor Printing Line Card for more aqueous options, as well as many others.

Soft Signage: One of the fastest-growing trends in the market is the transition to soft signage using fabric rather than rigid vinyl or polyester films for POP displays, banners, framed graphics and even trade show booths. The advantage to fabrics like LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth or LexJet FlexTex 170g is that they are easier and lighter to ship, image nicely and can be used for indoor or temporary outdoor applications. With soft signage textiles, you’ll need some easy finishing techniques — watch this video for quick tips on using a hot knife for perfectly finished edges.

Outdoor Banners: When it comes to outdoor advertising and event signage, LexJet TOUGHcoatTM Water-Resistant Polypropylene and  TOUGHcoatTM ThriftyBanner are two of the most popular products. Both products are easy to handle, offer scratch- and water-resistance, and a bright white point which means vibrant prints, even in outdoor weather. Need more outdoor aqueous options? Check out this blog for more ideas and applications that will look great and stand up to the elements.

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Let’s Take It Outside with Aqueous Printers & Media

It’s time to dispel the myth that graphics printed with aqueous technology can’t stand the test of time when displayed outdoors. With wide-format printer manufacturers like Epson, Canon and HP advancing their pigment inks, media is performing better than ever when facing the elements.

“When you’re talking about outdoor durability, it comes down to three things,” says Jaimie Mask, LexJet product specialist, “the inks — which have definitely advanced — and the inkjet coating (including top coat and anchor coating) and the substrate itself. Take LexJet’s TOUGHcoat Water Resistant Polypropylene. The reason we call it TOUGHcoat is because its coating is engineered to withstand outdoor climate changes, like wind and rain.”

A Wicked Good Time for a Really Great Cause

“Everyone deserves the chance to fly” is a famous quote from the Broadway show “Wicked,” but it’s also a guiding principal for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Brown County, Wis., which trains volunteer advocates to be the voice of abused and neglected children in courtrooms.

wicked witchCASA’s goal is to help these children find safe, permanent homes, spend less time in foster care … and have a future that soars.

Mark Hawkins of Mark Hawkins Photography was tapped as this year’s CASA’s annual fundraiser, CASA Presents, with a “Wicked” theme. He took photos of all of the witch characters in full makeup, which were to be used for fundraising. He also offered the use of his Canon imagePROGRAF iPF 8400 44-inch printer for various event needs.

Engaging the Public with Photo Art on Walls, Paper and Fabric

Eric Mencher Instagram Installation at Photo Lounge

Photojournalist Eric Mencher interprets Instagram a bit differently than most. He sees it for it is – a social media outlet meant to connect – but more importantly as a canvas.

Eric Mencher Exhibit at Photo LoungeMencher’s interpretation of life on Instagram, using an iPhone as the capture device for the exactly 777 photos he rotates through his page, also resides physically at Photo Lounge in Philadelphia.

Ravid Butz of Photo Lounge has a long-standing professional and personal relationship with Mencher. Butz believes that his photo lab should be more than just a place where people can get their photo and fine art work reproduced; it should also reflect Philadelphia’s vibrant art community and make it accessible to its citizens.

So the two long-time partners partnered on an ongoing exhibit of Mencher’s work in Photo Lounge’s lobby printed in various formats with inkjet media.

Eric Mencher Instagram Mural on Print-N-Stick“Eric has a substantial following on Instagram and here in Philadelphia through his work when he was with the Philadelphia Inquirer, and as a local photo artist. He’s very approachable and real and his work feels so ordinary, but is clearly so masterful,” says Butz. “I brought up the idea that we would print his entire Instagram collection and display it up on the wall. At first I thought we would print 777 5x7s and tape them to the wall, but then I started talking to people in the arts community and they said it would be more artistic to arrange them on sheets and use our Epson wide-format printer to print them. That way, it’s more about the art than just 777 print samples.”

Butz enlisted Julie Blaukopf and Alex Peltz to help curate the ongoing exhibition and create a multi-media experience designed to enhance the presentation and engage and engross people in the work.

Inkljet Wall Mural at Photo Lounge“We wanted the show to be relevant to everyone in our community, and not just the art community. We also wanted those in the art community to take notice that Photo Lounge is seriously involved in their world and that we have capabilities that can expand how they present their art,” says Butz. “Additionally, there are pictures taken every day with iPhones and we see tremendous opportunity to bridge that gap to unique printing applications. Everyone knows how to share it through social media, but every day a lot of customers come in and are surprised to find out that we can print from their iPhone. There are a number of ways to bridge them from their phone to us, and we know they make beautiful prints.”

The focal point of the exhibit is a 100″ x 16′ wall mural featuring Mencher’s 777 images printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric. From those images Butz and his collaborators pulled out a number of photos reproduced on Sunset Velvet Rag and Sunset Photo Metallic Paper and mounted with a frame built on the back that stand out from the wall.

Digital Tapestries on LexJet Water-Resistant ClothMoreover, four 2′ x 4′ digital tapestries were created, printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth and hung in the windows. “They look different at different times of the day,” says Butz. “They’re somewhat translucent, so they look stunning from the street at night with the interior lights behind them, and great from the inside during the day with the light shining in from outside.”

The exhibit is ongoing so anyone can walk in and enjoy it, with special events sprinkled in, such as seminars and workshops.

“Our regular customers and passersby are amazed that you can do this; they’re telling us that they’ll go home, measure their walls and create their own custom wallpaper,” adds Butz.

Follow Eric @emencher and Photo Lounge @photolounge_phila on Instagram

Honoring the Veterans of World War I in Multiple Media

World War I Exhibition
David DeJonge’s traveling exhibition, printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth, educates school children and honors America’s World War I veterans.


David DeJonge may be the world’s busiest photographer. DeJonge and his wife Gayle run two thriving photography and imaging businesses and two non-profits.

You may be familiar with the non-profit portion of DeJonge’s work, which has been featured on major television networks and countless other media outlets. We also featured it here a few years ago as DeJonge was putting together a traveling exhibition honoring World War I veterans printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth.

Pershing's Last Patriot
Pershing’s Last Patriot is a 90-minute documentary about the last surviving WWI veteran, Frank Buckles, that’s an offshoot of David DeJonge’s photographic documentation and subsequent traveling exhibition. DeJonge printed posters for each screening of the film on LexJet Premium Archival Matte Paper.

The idea for the traveling exhibition, geared toward students across the country, spawned from DeJonge’s photo documentary work with the last surviving WWI veterans as part of the Faces of Five Wars, covering WWI through Desert Storm.

The traveling exhibition then spawned a permanent exhibition at the Pentagon, a 90-minute feature-length documentary, the $3 million restoration of a World War I memorial on the National Mall, and the introduction of a law to build a national memorial to World War I on the Mall as well (HR 222:

Pentagon Exhibition by David DeJonge
DeJonge’s work, also printed on LexJet inkjet media, led to a permanent exhibit at the Pentagon.

The traveling exhibition was a hit, and continues to travel to schools and educational organizations. DeJonge estimates that 50,000 students have seen the exhibition.

“Over the years, the panels we printed for the exhibition have held up incredibly well. They were rolled up in a tube for about eight months at one point and we wondered what might have happened to them.  We unrolled them and they were perfect; they weren’t wrinkled at all,” says DeJonge. “That show is back out on the road and we’re preparing for the 100th anniversary of World War I next year. Who would have thought this would be a 12-year journey?”

DeJonge is also spearheading a 90-minute documentary about the last surviving World War I veteran, Frank Buckles, that opened in Iowa on April 15. Buckles passed away in 2011 at the age of 110.

Demand was such that the film has been screened 24 more times since that initial screening. DeJonge also printed movie posters for the screenings on LexJet Premium Archival Matte Paper.

David DeJonge may be the world's busiest photographer, running a high-end portrait studio, running cross-country for his non-profit World War I educational and documentary projects, and the recent startup of Legacy Icons, which reproduces religious icons on LexJet inkjet media and is shipped worldwide.
David DeJonge may be the world’s busiest photographer, running a high-end portrait studio, running cross-country for his non-profit World War I educational and documentary projects, and the recent startup of Legacy Icons, which reproduces religious icons on LexJet inkjet media and is shipped worldwide.

If that wasn’t enough, DeJonge recently launched Legacy Icons, which are reproductions of religious icons printed on multiple LexJet products including LexJet Sunset Velvet Rag and shipped worldwide. This is all in addition to the full-time high-end photography studio, DeJonge Studio in Grand Rapids, Mich.

DeJonge is often on the road overseeing his various projects, so he plugs in remotely to work on files and print remotely, while his wife handles the final production at the studio. Long 16-18 hour days are not unusual when DeJonge is on the road.

For more information about DeJonge’s efforts to honor World War I veterans, go to:

Window Shopping with Inkjet Printed Graphics at Unlimited Exposures

Wall Murals and Window Graphics
Brett Feldman of Unlimited Exposures uses large format inkjet printing to help drive photography sales from the street and in his studio with window and wall graphics.


Brett Feldman, owner of Unlimited Exposures, Manalapan, N.J., knows the value of taking his business to the streets and driving traffic to his studio with large-format versions of his stellar photography.

Window Graphics
Brett Feldman’s latest window displays, printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth, look great from the outside and the inside of his studio, Unlimited Exposures.

Brett utilizes a variety of inkjet media from LexJet to make this happen and has had great success with this approach. As noted in an earlier post here at the LexJet Blog, he finds unique applications for his Canon iPF8300 inkjet printer, not only for self-promotion, but as value-added printing for the events he photographs.

At his streetside studio in Manalapan, Brett decorates both his windows and the interior of the studio with samples of his work. For about six months he featured his wedding and communion photography on the outside of his window with LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30).

Perforated Window Vinyl Graphics
This window display, printed on LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window Vinyl, was up for about six months before Brett Feldman switched it up in favor of banners that hang inside the studio windows.

“Some kids were picking at it and dismantling it, but it was up for quite awhile before they vandalized it. My studio has an overhang, so there was no rain but a lot of sun on the images, and they weathered well. It definitely brought people to our doors and the material printed well and applied with ease,” Brett says.

Since then, he decided to bring the images indoors and inside the four fronting windows of his studio. Now, all four windows feature images printed on LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth.

For these displays, Brett uses LexJet Heavy Duty Banner Tape to create pole pockets on the top and bottom of each banner, which are then hung from curtain rods that go through the pockets and are tied off with fishing line that attaches to the ceiling.

Brett also uses Photo Tex from LexJet for a wall mural inside the studio. His large-format inkjet printing serves a dual purpose: to bring people inside and make sales, and to test inkjet media for various applications.

“Most of it gets tried out at the studio and then we take it out to sell it to our clients. I end up printing a lot of banners and other specialty graphics for people who see them in our studio and at the events,” he adds.