Tip of the Week: Picking the Best Media for Printing Posters

Do you know where to start when choosing the best media for printing posters? We sat down with LexJet product guru, Jeff Leto, and talked about how important it is to determine the best weight, size and finish for your posters.

When you’re looking for the right poster material, pay close attention to its gram weight. A lighter gram weight is meant for things like movie posters or smaller signage, while a heavier gram weight is best for large window displays. The larger the sign, the heavier the gram weight should be in order to ensure a flat, smooth surface.

The finish is also an important factor when finding the perfect poster material. There are lots to choose from like matte, satin, semi-matte, gloss and high-gloss. The finish of the poster depends on the environment the poster will be displayed in. Some great examples of different finishes would be the Sunset Photo Gloss, the LexJet HydroTOUGH Poster and the HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper. All of these materials are compatible with latex printers, so you know you’re getting durable, cost-effective posters for all your business needs.

Check out our Latex Applications page for more on posters and the many ways you can use latex printing technology in your business. Call a LexJet printing expert at 800-453-9538 to learn more.

Introducing: LexJet HydroTOUGH Wet-Strength Media

Now available at LexJet: Three new media products that are saturated with a latex finish for extra durability and no need for lamination. They’re also environmentally friendly alternatives to PVC wallcoverings and come in a variety of surfaces.

LexJet HydroTOUGH Smooth 17mil has a bright-white matte surface that won’t shrink or tear and is ideal for wall murals, counter wraps and decor.

LexJet HydroTOUGH Canvas 12mil provides a non-woven, long-lasting finish with reinforced synthetic fibers, but without the high price of traditional canvas. It’s an ideal option for gallery wraps, industrial artwork, fine-art reproductions and more.

LexJet HydroTOUGH Poster 10mil is a great lay-flat option for heavily trafficked areas where you need long-term indoor or temporary outdoor signage, like bus stations and rest areas.

All of the LexJet HydroTOUGH products are non-woven and dimensionally stable with the latex-saturated finish. They are all compatible with eco-solvent/solvent, latex and UV printers. Contact a LexJet print expert at 800-453-9538 to learn how to grow your business with these new products.