Just Announced: Price Cut on KODAK PROFESSIONAL Dry Lab Photo Papers

While the cost of most printable media seems to be on the rise, LexJet is happy to announce a price reduction on KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Lustre DL, PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Glossy DL and PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Metallic DL.

Kodak has long been associated with professional photos, and Print Service Providers and consumers, alike, understand the quality the Kodak name carries. All KODAK PROFESSIONAL Dry Lab photo papers have the trade-mark back-print seal for assurance.

These true photographic resin-coated papers are heavy duty (255g) and offer a bright white point for clean, details producing high-end photographs, fine art reproductions, photo albums, greeting cards, photo books and more.

To get updated pricing or to find out more about these dry lab photo papers, contact your LexJet sales representative at 800-453-9538 or visit us at www.lexjet.com.

High Definition Quality from Capture to Print at Digital Sports Photography

Digital Sports Photography Epson SureLabe

Bob Critser, owner of Digital Sports Photography in the small town of Herkimer, N.Y., is a self-described “technology freak” who recently acquired the latest photo printing technology to help boost and streamline his sports photography print sales.

He’s also particular about color consistency and image fidelity. And, he doesn’t have time to fix inconsistent output or finicky printers. That’s why the acquisition of an Epson SureLab D3000 Single Roll Printer from LexJet, coupled with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Lustre DL / 255g has been such a boon to his business.

“I’m taking sports photos with a $16,000 camera, and it’s killer stuff. I create templates with color borders for the schools, Little League, Pop Warner, and other team photos, and when I print them out with the SureLab and the Kodak paper every one of them is the same color blue or burgundy. I can’t deal with inconsistent color and get an orange that prints a burnt orange, for instance,” says Critser. “When I got sample prints from a company with the SureLab, the color was dead-on, whether it was a bright green border or a photo with a blue screen background. As soon as I saw the sample prints I knew I needed the printer.”

Moreover, Critser says the printer is super-fast, allowing him to deliver a variety of print sizes quickly to his clientele.

“I set up the prints in Lightroom and use it to send out all the team photos to the printer, with only five minutes for the 8x10s and maybe five to seven minutes to do the smaller prints,” he says. “And with the Kodak paper we use with the printer it’s nice because you can touch it. We bag the prints, but even when you handle the prints you don’t leave marks.”

Besides the durable, high-quality imaging surface the Kodak paper provides, Critser says the Kodak mark on the paper gives his clients confidence in the print. It’s subtle and subconscious, but the brand carries weight.

“Everyone knows Kodak. For me, to have that on the back of a print makes a big difference. People like the quality, bottom line,” says Critser.