Meet the 2016 National Sunset Print Award Judges

All year long, photographers and digital artists have competed in Sunset Print Award competitions throughout the country. This month, we welcome all the winning entries into the National Sunset Print Awards held in the S-One Holdings Corporation’s Sarasota headquarters, home of LexJet and Sunset, on Nov. 16.

LexJet-sponsored Sunset Print Awards took place at various professional photography associations across the country. Thirty winners of the 2016 competitions were entered for this year’s National Sunset Print Award grand prize.

Free Webinar will Discuss Preparing Images for Competition

Free Photo WebinarX-Rite will offer a fee webinar this coming Monday, Feb. 24 with award-winning photographer/re-toucher and X-Rite Coloratti Jane Conner-Ziser. Jane will share her creative experience and broad professional knowledge, which allows her to take an image from camera concept through post-production work in Photoshop.

You will learn how top photographers conceptualize their images, refine them during the photography session, and select the best image for competition.

Jane will discuss cropping and adjusting an image for the best composition, plus retouching, enhancing and presenting an image for maximum impact. You will also learn about common judging criteria and how to avoid common mistakes that many photographers make when choosing images for exhibition or competition.

To register for the free webinar at 1 p.m. ET on February 24, visit: