Borderless Printing through the Canon Plug-In for Photoshop

Borderless printing through the Canon Plug-In PhotoshopThe successful studio or print shop looks to maximize efficiency in all of its processes. This is particularly true with in-house printing, which is why the ability to print borderless and eliminate a lot of needless trimming is so important.

Before printing borderless, examine the common output sizes and buy rolls that fit those sizes. For example, if the majority of your business is selling 8×10 units, then buy 10-inch rolls. If the majority of your sales are 24x20s and 24x30s, buy 24-inch rolls.

Once you have the proper roll sizes, you simply need to set up your workflow to execute the prints properly. Keep in mind that most printers cannot print borderless on sheets (the Epson 3880, 3800, R2880 and R2400 are the only two really designed for this).

Also, keep in mind that most printers can’t print borderless on all roll sizes. Check your owner’s manual to see which roll sizes your printer can print to successfully in borderless mode.

In the video below you will learn how to print borderless images using the imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Photoshop.

  • To learn about the full workflow for printing through the imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Photoshop, click here.
  • To learn how to print borderless images through Photoshop and the Canon printer driver for the Mac, click here. For PC instructions, click here

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How to Update Firmware on a Canon iPF Inkjet Printer

How to update firmware Canon printerUpdating your printer’s firmware is an important step that should be performed once a new printer arrives and then on a regular basis. By updating the firmware, you are ensuring that your printer is being used to its fullest capacity.

Firmware updates typically include fixes or patches that, in the past, have improved things like print speed and have helped to reduce paper waste and ink consumption. At the very least, you should check for new firmware updates every six months and update your firmware when new releases are available.

In the videos below you will learn how to update the firmware on a Canon imagePROGRAF printer using a PC or a Mac.