Videos: Creating and Installing Media Profiles with HP Latex 300 Series Printers

HP Latex 360 PrinterHP made great advances with the latest generation of HP Latex Printers, the 300 Series. One of those improvements is the process for creating ICC profiles.

With the HP Latex 360 Printer, profiles are created directly on the printer through the front panel in three easy steps.

If you are depending on third-party profiles created by media manufacturers, you can also easily install these profiles on your Latex 310, 330 or 360 Printer through the HP Embedded Web Server.

The best part is that profiles for the Latex 300 Series Printers are RIP-agnostic. Once you install the profile on your printer, it can be used in any compatible RIP software.

In the videos embedded below in the order shown, learn how to create a new media profile with the HP Latex 360 Printer and learn how to install a third-party profile for any Latex 300 Series Printer.

Videos: Handy Tools for HP Latex and Designjet Printers

HP Latex and Designjet Accounting FeatureThe Embedded Web Server is a tool provided by HP that provides a lot of great information about your HP Latex or Designjet printer. Among many things, basic items like ink levels and printhead status can be found here. However, there are also some advanced features that you might want to take advantage of.

Whether you are running the HP Latex or Designjet printer, the Accounting Feature contains a lot of great information about your print history (the first video embedded below). This tool can help by tracking your costs from previous jobs. Additionally, you can use your historical print data to help bid out future jobs.

If you are using an HP Designjet PostScript printer , you can submit a job to the printer right from the Embedded Web Server (the second video embedded below). The Submit Job feature allows you to print a file, as is, without ever opening it in a printing or imaging software. Best of all, no specialized training is required. If you have any questions about these features, HP Latex and Designjet printers, or anything else, give us a call at 800-453-9538.

How To Videos, HP L25500 Wide Format Latex Inkjet Printer

Tips on using the HP L25500 latex inkjet printerIn April, LexJet was select by Hewlett Packard as an authorized reseller of the 60-inch and 42-inch wide HP Designjet L25500 latex inkjet printers. In testing the HP L25500, the printer has proven to be user friendly and compatible with a wide range of media, papers and textiles, including media optimized for solvent and low-solvent inks.

In the videos embedded below, and in the order shown, you can learn how to use the HP Embedded Web Server, navigate the LCD on the printer’s front panel, load a substrate and load the take-up reel.

If you have any questions about the HP L25500, please contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.