Tools and Expert Advice at the HP Latex Knowledge Center

HP Latex Knowledge Center

Go to to access the HP Latex Knowledge Center where you can talk to experts at HP, share insights with other print service providers experienced with HP Latex printers, and access valuable tools and information about HP Latex printing.

The HP Latex Knowledge Center includes:

  • A user forum where you can ask questions, share tips and tricks and more
  • Access to HP Latex experts on HP Latex 200, 300 and 800 series printers and the HP Latex 3000 printer, plus the HP WallArt Solution and applications and media for HP Latex printing
  • Technical videos, application tutorials and educational background material

HP will add updates and new features in response to your feedback and requests. The new HP Latex 300 series printers are available through LexJet, so if you have any questions about HP Latex or any other type of printer, call a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.