Heart of America Beverage Reinforces its Brands

Heart of America Beverage, based in Springfield, Mo., thrives on the unusual when it comes to promoting its brands through point-of-sale promotions. “The signs and promotions we get into can be ridiculous, like mini-fridges, bar wraps, and big graphics on the sides of buildings. It’s the out-of-the-ordinary signage that gets the most attention in the market, which is more advertising for our brands and for the accounts we’re serving,” says Steve Teters, graphic designer for Heart of America Beverage in Springfield. “Our salespeople can go relatively crazy and pitch just about anything to give our brands maximum visibility.”

Heart of America, which used to be known as The Beer Company before it acquired Heart of America Beverage and adopted the name, has in-house printing capabilities in three of its four locations, which are spread out from Springfield to Joplin and Sedalia in Missouri, and into Oklahoma. The Springfield branch is the hub of the Heart of America wheel and is the primary printing center.

Teters says that print volume has increased significantly in recent years, prompting Heart of America to invest in two large format Canon printers. As a result, production has increased and the print operation has become more efficient in the process.