Wet Application: How to Apply LexJet Crystal Low-Tack Polyester to Glass

LexJet Crystal Low-Tack is an optically-clear polyester with a removable pressure sensitive adhesive that is an excellent solution for removable window graphics. It can be front printed or reverse printed for inside or outside viewing.

How to apply clear window graphicsIn a previous post, I showed you how to apply Crystal Low-Tack to glass using a dry application method. While that method is great for smaller graphics, wet application is recommended for larger ones to avoid bubbling during installation.

When using a wet application method, Crystal Low-Tack should be laminated with a pressure sensitive laminate like LexJet Gloss Polyester Laminate (2 Mil) to avoid smudging the ink.

In the video embedded below, you will learn how to install Crystal Low-Tack using a wet application with a squeegee…