Magnets and Polypropylene Combine for a Simple, Economical Display

Printing banners for churches

What do you get when you cross magnets with inkjet printable polypropylene? An easy-to-use, eye-catching display system. While that may not be much of a riddle, it’s the answer Andy Wredberg, owner of AW Artworks, Sun Prairie, Wis., found for the banner display shown here at Cornerstone Church in Waterloo, Wis.

Banner hanging system
Here's a closeup of the oak banner holder system designed and built by cabinet and furniture maker Eric Neevel that uses rare earth magnets to hold the banner in place top and bottom.

“Their previous banners were being printed on paper, and they were having issues with them wrinkling and creasing. I thought that LexJet’s TOUGHcoat Water-Resistant Polypropylene would be a better option and started designing and printing them for them,” explains Wredberg. “The banners are 36″ x 108” and the church already had a neat system to hang them. The material prints beautifully and we’ve gotten a lot of work out of it from people who have seen the banners.”

The hanging system is an oak strip on top and bottom with a hinging oak strip that holds the banner in place. Instead of screws or another attachment method, the oak strips have rare earth magnets that stick together and hold the banner in place.

The oak banner holders were designed and made by local cabinet and furniture maker Eric Neevel (920-253-7233).

“Basically what we do when we hang them is a use a ladder to reach the top. Then we’ll take the outside board off, line up the top of the banner, sandwich the banner with the other wood piece, unroll it and sandwich it at the bottom. The magnets are strong enough to hold the whole thing up; in fact, they’re very strong. It couldn’t be easier and the system doesn’t ruin the banner when you take it in and out,” says Wredberg. “And the Water-Resistant Polypropylene is fantastic; it’s economical yet it’s durable and doesn’t wrinkle or crease. It’s a nice, versatile, lightweight material that prints beautifully.”

Printing window displays
AW Artworks also uses LexJet TOUGHcoat Water-Resistant Polypropylene as backdrops for its seasonal self-promotional window displays.

Wredberg adds that he also uses Water-Resistant Polypropylene for studio displays. The material is perfect for the window displays Wredberg uses to promote seasonal work for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other holidays and special occasions.