Epson Rebates and Deals through Aug. 31

EPSON T-Series Inkjet PrintersThe latest rebates from Epson listed below are good through Aug. 31. Here are the rebate details, grouped by printer type (Stylus Pro aqueous, SureLab D-Series, and Technical printers)…

Epson Stylus Pro Mail-In Rebates

Epson Stylus Pro Instant Rebates

Epson SureLab D-Series Mail-in Rebate: $2,000

Epson SureColor T-Series Instant Rebates

If you’re interested in the low-solvent Epson SureColor printers, starting today and lasting through Aug. 31 you get a free one-year extended warranty mail-in rebate when you buy one of the printers, a savings of up to $2,495, good through Aug. 31.

Your LexJet customer specialist will provide you with a form to submit when you purchase the printer, or you can submit the offer form online at and click the link under Pre-submit Epson mail-in rebates.

The eligible Epson SureColor Printers include:

For more information about the latest rebates, contact a LexJet customer specialist, who can also tell you about special bundle deals, at 800-453-9538.