More Print-N-Stick for Point of Sale

LexJet Print N Stick Fabric on Coroplast

Amanda Hill, graphics manager for the Odom Corporation in Wenatchee, Wash., says LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric is becoming the beverage distributor’s go-to adhesive-backed inkjet material for all kinds of point of sale projects.

“It’s very easy to use; it doesn’t stick together when you take the backing off of it and doesn’t stretch when you peel it off the substrate to realign it. You can apply it to a surface and it won’t take the texture off the wall or leave a sticky residue behind,” says Hill. “The colors and imaging are very vibrant. It’s not a very porous fabric, so the colors stand out a lot and are true to the colors in the original file.”

Window GraphicsHill reports that Odom Corporation has been using Print-N-Stick Fabric for windows, cooler wraps and applications to Coroplast.

Since Hill sends out the prints she creates to a staff of about 50 salespeople in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, it’s crucial that the print material is as easy as possible to apply, stands out in a market crowded with point of sale materials, and is durable.

“The sales staff installs most of their own signs, and they say it’s a lot easier to put up alone; most applications don’t require two or more people to help. I’ve only applied it to Coroplast, and it doesn’t take long at all; it’s a very smooth, fluid, quick process,” says Hill. “Here in Wenatchee we’ve had some hot temperatures this summer. I’ve had other materials bubble quite a bit that tend to pull away from the surface, but with Print-N-Stick we’ve it in direct sunlight and it’s been 95 degrees here and it looks just as good as when we put it up.”

For more information and to order LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538. Print-N-Stick Fabric sold out quickly, so it’s currently out of stock. However, the product should be back in stock by Monday, Sept. 16.