X-Rite Improves ColorChecker White Balance Target for Photographers

White balance for digital camerasX-Rite recently improved the ColorChecker White Balance target card to enhance the tool’s effectiveness for white balancing a digital camera. X-Rite reports that when the card was first introduced in 2003, the conventional wisdom was that a target card needed to be white in order to set the white balance of a camera.

On its face, that makes sense, but X-Rite found through extensive testing with the latest major digital camera models that a more accurate color for the card is light gray. So, the lightness level of the color has been changed to match the same formula used in the ColorChecker Passport, which combines three photographic targets into one pocket-sized protective self-standing case.

The updated target is also more spectrally neutral than the prior white formula, which ensures there is no color bias while delivering better color rendition.

The ColorChecker Passport includes the Creative Enhancement Target, the Classic Target, the White Balance Target, Camera Calibration Software and the protective case. For more information about the ColorChecker Passport, click here, and for the ColorChecker White Balance, click here.