Canon Introduces Five New iPFX400 Large-Format Inkjet Printers

New wide format inkjet printers from CanonCanon U.S.A. Inc. announced this morning the introduction of five new imagePROGRAF large-format printers: the iPF9400, iPF9400S, iPF8400, iPF6450 and iPF6400. The new printers are expected to be available at LexJet this month, and stay tuned for in-depth videos on the features of the new printers here at the LexJet Blog.

Designed for use by photographers, artists, proofers and print-for-pay users, the imagePROGRAF models include a variety of enhancements made to both quality and speed. According to Canon, users will experience increased productivity, while benefitting from the built-in tools that make managing large-format printing convenient and cost-effective.

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400 (12-color, 60-inch, MSRP $11,995), iPF8400 (12-color, 44-inch, MSRP $5,995), iPF6450 (12-color, 24-inch, MSRP $3,695), iPF6400 (12-color, 24-inch, MSRP $2,995) and iPF9400S (8-color, 60-inch, MSRP $9,995) printers offer improved color stability designed for precise, ultra high-quality print performance with increased speed and productivity.

All of these models utilize Canon’s LUCIA EX pigment ink set, an enhanced multi-sensor and advanced printing technologies specifically developed to produce prints with an enhanced color range and improved durability.

The imagePROGRAF iPF9400S and iPF9400 printers can now handle 60-inch borderless printing and now have a more affordable price when compared to previous models as well. Each of the imagePROGRAF models has been upgraded in comparison to previous generations by integrating several new features and functionalities to help customers achieve the ultimate in color consistency. These tools include:

  • Multi-Sensor: A new, enhanced multi-sensor has been incorporated for improved density accuracy and stability over previous models. The sensor, along with the included software, helps to achieve color consistency across all new imagePROGRAF 12-color models.
  • Color Calibration Management Console: Using the calibration function equipped in the new line of imagePROGRAF devices, it is possible to execute and monitor the calibration status of multiple printers on a network from one PC.
  • Media Configuration Tool: This software allows the user to update and customize the printer and drivers with new Canon and custom media information.

Adding to the versatility of the imagePROGRAF printers is a sub-ink tank system which minimizes waste. The ink cartridges can also be replaced while the printer is running allowing for the print job to continue, which helps to improve the workflow of the end-user. This system is further enhanced for the imagePROGRAF iPF6450 and iPF6400 printers with a new 300ml tank size that will provide increased cost-savings.

Canon has also worked to help increase overall usability of each printer with a variety of new software features, including:

  • Gallery Wrap feature: Allows users to easily create gallery wrap prints for framing along with creative options that expand the output possibilities
  • Adjustment Pattern Setting: Users can print multiple versions of an image with different color setting in order to choose the color that most matches what is needed
  • Tint and Tone Adjustments: Controls the four monochromatic shades allowing a user to create even more expressive blacks with smooth gradations, especially in darker areas

The 12-color, 24-inch Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 printer has the option to add an onboard spectrophotometer for advanced color management including the ability to obtain color consistency across multiple iPFX400 series printers.

The optional SU-21 Spectrophotometer, which retails for $1,795, also helps reduce operating costs by automating color management and is highly adaptable to user system environments.

The spectrophotometer device includes:

  • A fully automated mobile unit for the spectrophotometer for a wide range of media of various thicknesses to be loaded and used with the device
  • A specialized backing plate that has black and white strips on it and is user switchable
  • User-switchable UV blocking filter that can be turned on and off according to paper type
  • A scan speed of 10 inches per second
  • Expandable workflow options due to the ability to perform color calibration with third party media
  • 2010 XRGA measurement standard compliance

For more information about the new Canon printers and to pre-order a unit, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

X-Rite Introduces its New i1 Pro 2 Color Management Solutions

X-Rite recently announced its new portfolio of i1 Professional Color Management Solutions, which now includes a newly redesigned i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, and is available through LexJet.

Color management productsThe newly enhanced i1Pro 2 device has been redesigned to provide an even higher level of accuracy, versatility, ergonomics, functionality and value, X-Rite says. Combined with the recently released i1Profiler software v1.3, which accommodates all levels of proficiency and expertise, the new i1Pro 2 portfolio of four different products is specifically targeted to meet the needs of photo, pre-press, digital print and publishing professionals.  

This new portfolio, comprised of X-Rite’s i1Basic Pro 2, i1Photo Pro 2, i1Publish Pro 2 and i1Publish products feature the new i1Pro 2 second generation spectrophotometer, accommodating three measurement modes in one device. These modes include the most commonly used M0 (Standard Illuminant A), the emerging M1 (illuminant D50) and M2 (known as UV-cut). Also included are i1Profiler, X-Rite’s next-generation color profiling software, PANTONE Color Manager color swatch bridging software and ColorChecker Camera Calibration software.

“Exceptionally accurate color measurement and calibration remain basic building blocks for professional-level workflow,” commented Vic Stalam, X-Rite’s Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing.

i1Photo Pro 2 is specifically designed for discerning photo professionals to manage their RGB workflow from camera to display and projector to print. Thanks to the iterative profiling capability of the i1Profiler software, professional photo users will enjoy the highest quality color results that especially target highlight and shadow details and delivers greater color accuracy for more neutral grays and natural skin tones.  With the new Optical Brightener Compensation capability, photographers can even optimize their prints by taking into account optical brightening agents often found in photo papers and create output profiles for specific lighting conditions in studios or galleries, or wherever the print will be displayed.

i1Basic Pro 2 is for high-end monitor profiling, monitor and printing quality verification, and spot color measurement; i1Basic Pro is ideal for an effective workflow in a color-managed system. i1Basic Pro includes i1Profiler software, PANTONE Color Manager software and an i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer.

i1Publish Pro 2 includes fully-featured ICC profiling solutions for imaging professionals that need to organize and manage their complete RGB, CMYK and CMYK+ (CMYK plus any 4) prepress workflows, complete with new assurance validation and verification functions using digital standards. This includes a display QA function to check soft proofing for ISO (G7, SWOP, PSO, Japan Color) and a printer QA function to check print quality using ISO media wedges (IDEAlliance ISO Control Wedge or Fogra Media Wedge). With the emerging M1 measurement capability, imaging pros can rely on consistent measurement for visual match under industry standard viewing conditions, including the ability to appropriately account for paper Optical Brightening Agents (OBA).

i1Photo Pro 2 and i1Publish Pro 2 include i1Profiler software, an i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, PANTONE Color Manager software, ColorChecker Proof target (for direct viewing analysis of ColorChecker target compared to customer’s printed target), mini ColorChecker Classic target, and ColorChecker camera calibration software. i1Publish (a standalone software package) includes all of the above except for the spectrophotometer.

For more specific information about the new i1 Pro line, click here, or contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538 to help decide what the best color management solution is based on your workflow.