Faster, Easier Canvas Wraps with GOframe

Yes, you can create professionally finished canvas wraps with ease in just minutes. Thanks to the patented design from GOframe, available at LexJet, finishing canvas prints with stretcher bars couldn’t be faster or easier.

In the video above, we walk you through how the GOframe system works, using the Starter Kit and stretcher bars that vary in lengths from 8 to 20 inches.

The Starter Kit comes with reusable corner clamps, archival glue and a special trimmer. Each stretcher bar pack includes the bars, strainers and corner pins. You can also purchase Centrebraces to provide additional stability for larger wrap pieces. The only other thing you need is a hammer.

Check out our blog, For PostNet, GOframe Cuts Canvas Wrapping Time in Half to see how GOframe has helped PostNet build more business while saving time and money.

Canvas on Demand Goes Viral on YouTube with Rhett and Link

Viral video on YouTube with Canvas on Demand and Rhett and LinkNorth Carolina comedy team Rhett and Link recently brought Canvas on Demand on board for a satirical look at Photoshop, which is now officially viral on YouTube. At last count, the uber-clever video is at more than 250,000 views and counting.

The video, entitled Photoshop in Real Life, parodies in song what Photoshop can do for you, if you’re so inclined to manipulate reality via Photoshop. For instance… “Slim yourself down, and even give yourself a ‘fro.”

Canvas on Demand, a photo-to-canvas company, happens to be located in close proximity to the team of Rhett and Link and printed more than 60 inkjet canvas gallery wraps for the video production. To see how those wraps were used in the video, and certainly for a good laugh, you must watch the viral video embedded below.

“We really don’t do ‘extreme’ Photoshop like that at Canvas on Demand. We do use Photoshop extensively though, enhancing color, removing blemishes and the like, but we certainly had a blast helping Rhett and Link do something completely ridiculous,” says Tom Lotrecchiano of Canvas on Demand. “Though the video wasn’t about Canvas on Demand, it certainly helps to be associated with something that’s gone viral on YouTube and could end up with over a million views; it’s something a more corporate video could never do.”

Rhett and Link shared the concept with Canvas on Demand and gave them the basic specifications for the canvas images to be printed for the video production. Canvas on Demand actually worked backwards in Photoshop with the images, creating the problems to be fixed, a bald head where hair originally resided, for instance.

Canvas on Demand received a little bonus for their efforts, a mention at the end of the video with a link at Rhett and Link’s site to a discount deal on canvas prints. “The plug was nice, but we did it more for the comedic value, and when Rhett and Link asked us to get involved, we went all out,” adds Lotrecchiano.