Wall Mural Follow-Up on Print-N-Stick Fabric

Wall Mural with Print-N-Stick Fabric.
The latest wall mural at the Orlando Science Center, printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric. Zoom Into Nano was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation by Cornell University, in partnership with the Sciencenter, and Painted Universe, Inc. Photo courtesy of Orlando Science Center.


A few days ago we discussed the use of wall murals to set the theme and create anticipation for the various travelling exhibits hosted by the Orlando Science Center. The travelling exhibits typically run for about three months and the Orlando Science Center has made wall murals a standard feature.

“Once we started with the Star Wars wall mural there was no turning back,” says Eric Vickers, creative manager for the Orlando Science Center. “The foot traffic to the exhibit comes in from the right, so you see the mural right away and then walk into the exhibit.”

Just installed yesterday to replace the wall mural fronting the recent Sesame Street Presents: The Body exhibit, the new mural previews the Zoom into Nano travelling exhibit.

The new mural was printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric with a Canon iPF9100 from LexJet. The key to making this mural effective was the ability to hold the detail of the materials shown in the graphic, from left to right: a butterfly wing, salt, oyster shells and moon dust.

“The mural is really impressive in person, and provides more visual interest so that you’re engaged before you walk in. You can really see the texture, especially in the butterfly wing, when you get close,” says Vickers.

Vickers adds that the mural is based on four hanging posters used for the exhibit. Vickers laid out the four pieces together and added the copy. Having four different panels was convenient for lining up the printed panels, which were 35 inches wide by nine feet long.

“We used to apply the panels horizontally so we had fewer seams, but it’s more difficult to keep it level all the way down. Working vertically we can make it level and let gravity work for us so that the application goes more smoothly. The panels were easy to apply and the material holds its shape really well,” says Vickers.

Setting the Scene with Wall Murals

Museum Exhibit Wall Mural
This wall mural, printed on LexJet PolyGloss PSA with a Canon iPF9100 wide format printer, sets the scene for the exhibit, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Photo courtesy Orlando Science Center.


Wall murals are an excellent way to set the scene for any main attraction, whether it’s a special event, an exhibit, or any other venue.

LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric
Eric Vickers, creative manager for the Orlando Science Center, first tested LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric on various surfaces in the graphics department. Graphic design by Chris Ward. Photo courtesy Orlando Science Center.

The Orlando Science Center has recently used printed wall murals to great effect for its special exhibits, including one for the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination traveling exhibit, which showcased artifacts from all six movies, and one for Sesame Street Presents: The Body exhibit.

“It’s a great entrance piece when you’re going into the exhibit. It helps theme and create an experience before you even go into the exhibit,” says Eric Vickers, creative manager for the Orlando Science Center.

For the Star Wars exhibit, Vickers used LexJet PolyGloss PSA for the walls surrounding and leading into the exhibit, printed with a Canon iPF9100 from LexJet.

“They were photorealistic images from Lucasfilm, so I really like the PolyGloss for those types of images,” says Vickers.

Vickers adds that those wall murals “got the ball rolling” to make wall murals a regular feature of the special exhibits the Orlando Science Center hosts.

Museum Wall Mural
The Orlando Science Center used LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric for the Sesame Street Presents: The Body exhibit. Vickers says that since Print-N-Stick is not entirely opaque it’s best not to overlap the seams, especially with light-colored graphics.

“We’ve been using LexJet materials since we got the Canon iPF9100 about a year and a half ago. We like the polypropylene material better than vinyl because we can get the same pop from it as we can from paper, and it’s easy to work with,” explains Vickers.

For the Sesame Street murals, Vickers decided to try LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric after testing it on various surfaces in the graphics department (see photos).

“It’s the best of both worlds, but opacity is the only thing we have to be careful with since it’s not completely opaque. If you overlap the seams on a graphic with a light-colored background they can show through,” says Vickers. “It’s much more repositionable than any other material we’ve worked with, and comes off the walls easily. It’s the most forgiving material we’ve worked with so far; we don’t get bubbling or imperfections in it. It’s a little trickier to cut, but it follows straight lines really well; you just have to be a little more careful going against the grain.”

Marketing Mystery Solved with Perforated Window Film

LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window VinylFort Stewart’s Family & MWR Marketing team found the ideal solution to a vexing mystery: how to attract as many people as possible to an upcoming murder mystery dinner theater at the army installation near Savannah, Ga.?

The answer was to advertise it on the glass doors leading into the venue that will host the dinner theater this Friday. With one answer down, the next question was how to get the advertising graphic, designed by marketing director Kathy Milley, on the window.

Molly Cooke of Fort Stewart Family & MWR Marketing found that answer at LexJet through her customer specialist Vincent Bejar, who recommended LexJet Aqueous Perforated Window Vinyl (70/30) for the project.

“We were trying to get as much interest in the event as possible, so we ordered this awesome film and this was our first project with it,” says Cooke. “Vincent told us what settings to use on our Canon iPF9100 printer, we printed it, cut it out and applied it.”

Cooke adds that the application went smoothly, particularly given that this was their first attempt applying a window graphic. She says it was easy to smooth out the bubbles in the perforated window vinyl during application. Obviously applied in two pieces, the graphic was adhered to the window from the middle to the outside of each glass door.

“We’re stoked about how this turned out, which is at a facility on the installation called Club Stewart where the event will take place. There’s a restaurant called Thunder Run inside the facility and they host a number of events in it as well,” explains Cooke. “People go through those doors every day at lunch so we thought it was a great location to apply it. Everyone who’s seen it on the door think it’s the coolest thing ever. We’ve gotten great response and ordered a couple more rolls because people want to use it for other promotions. It’s very beneficial to us for marketing events.”

The Branding and Presentation Role of Large Format Inkjet at The Marketing Store

Color management inkjet printingHeadquartered in Chicago, The Marketing Store is a global branding and promotions agency with offices on five continents. An important component of its creative services is its ability to print large format, both for its clients and for presentations and mock-ups.

“Being able to print large format images sets you apart from other agencies when you give a creative pitch, plus we’re able to produce graphics for trade shows and special events,” says Steve Fischer, production artist for The Marketing Store.

Whether it’s packaging, promotional materials or something out of the ordinary that needs to be brought to life, The Marketing Store’s print shop studio is able to meet the challenge with its contingent of three printers – a Canon iPF9100, Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and HP 5500 – plus media advice from its LexJet customer specialist, David Finkel.

Print production studio inkjet“As more projects and requests come in for specialty applications it’s good to have LexJet in our back pocket. Sometimes there are weird requests and with every pitch there’s some sort of specific challenge that requires a new way of presenting materials. If there’s something I don’t think I can achieve I can call David to help me find what I need. He’s been great at finding materials and making suggestions,” says Fischer.

Fischer adds that they try to do as much in-house printing as possible, occasionally farming out larger projects that go beyond the capabilities of their current printer mix. The concept of The Marketing Store is to be as full service as possible and to meet any need their clients may have. The studio blends photography, color management, file preparation and print production seamlessly to help fulfill the overall mission.

“The studio supports the rest of the agency, and we’re always looking to expand our capabilities,” says Fischer.  “So, instead of having to go out to produce creative we can keep it in-house, which not only keeps our costs down but allows us to ensure quality.”

Inkjet printing presentation boardFischer adds that The Marketing Store’s studio has had great success with LexJet 8 Mil Production Satin Photo Paper and LexJet TOUGHcoat Water-Resistant Self Adhesive Polypropylene for presentations boards, promotional product mock-ups and displays.