HP Latex 300 Printer Series and HP Designjet Z-Series Production Printers Launched

HP Latex 360 Printer
The new HP Latex 360 Printer, revealed today at the ISA Sign Expo, and available through LexJet.

At the recent ISA Sign Expo 2014 in Orlando, HP introduced the HP Latex 300 Printer series and two new HP Designjet Z-Series Production Printers.

Powered by third-generation, water-based HP Latex ink technology, the HP Latex 300 Printer series helps low-volume customers efficiently handle more outdoor and indoor applications with improved durability and image quality. The HP Latex Printer series includes…

HP Latex 310 Printer: With a compact design ideal for smaller workspaces, the HP Latex 310 prints a wide range of media types up to 54 inches wide. Provides application versatility, indoor and outdoor, with scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner. Automatic, reliable and low-maintenance, HP Latex printing ensures operational efficiency to free up time for other projects and tasks.

HP Latex 330 Printer: This affordable 64″-wide printer delivers print jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based Inks and produces durable, scratch-resistance prints comparable to hard-solvent inks. Powered by third-generation, water-based HP Latex ink technology, the HP Latex 300 Printer series helps low-volume customers efficiently handle more outdoor and indoor applications with improved durability and image quality.

HP Latex 360 Printer: Produce indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates—even textiles, with high-quality, durable prints that provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks. The higher-volume, 64-inch HP Latex 360 Printer prints up to 978 ft2/hr (91 m2/hr) and increases application versatility with an ink collector for porous textiles. The printer also features automatic front-to-back registration for printing double-sided banners.

HP Designjet Z6800
The new HP Designjet Z6800 Photo Production Printer features on-board advanced color management features, and is available through LexJet.

HP Designjet Z-Series Production Printers
Also designed for small to medium print shops, HP’s new Designjet Z6600 Production Printer and Designjet Z6800 Photo Production Printer are touted as the industry’s fastest 60-inch large-format inkjet printers. The Production Photo Printer also includes some extra built-in color-management horsepower. The new Designjet Z-Series Production Printers include…

HP Designjet Z6600 Production Printer: Turn orders in record time and efficiently produce outstanding color and black-and-white prints with six HP inks and print speeds as fast as 1500 ft2/hr in fast mode and 212 ft2/hr in high-quality mode. HP Double Swath Technology and the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor enable quality prints at top speed for a wide range of jobs on many substrates.

HP Designjet Z6800 Photo Production Printer: With all the speed and features of the HP Designjet Z6600, the Z6800 adds advanced color management features, including an embedded spectrophotometer, as well as HP Chromatic Red Ink for a wider color gamut and uniform gloss. It also includes a built-in take-up reel, 775-ml HP ink cartridges and long media rolls for unattended printing.

If you have any questions about the printers, and to find out more about pricing and specifications, call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Buy a Printer Now (November) and Pay Later (February 1)

Play Now Pay Later Inkjet Printer Promotion

It’s no gamble, and it’s quite simple: Buy a 36″ or wider printer from LexJet and you pay nothing (zero, nada) until Feb. 1. Add that to ongoing rebates and incentives from Canon, Epson and HP and you can really cash in.

Act fast, because this promotion ends on Nov. 30, and the faster you act the more time you’ll have to print and pay it off before the invoice arrives in February. Plus, be sure to check into Section 179 tax incentives from the Federal government for bonus tax breaks that apply to capital equipment purchases.

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This promotion ends on Nov. 30, is not available online and you must be pre-qualified to buy the printer. Call a LexJet customer specialist today at 800-453-9538 to get all the details and to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Adhesive Test: Is it Really Repositionable and Reusable?

Testing adhesive backed materialsYou’ve likely read about or worked with Photo Tex Repositionable Fabric from LexJet since it’s become one of the most popular inkjet printable materials for a variety of applications. The key to its success is the special pressure-sensitive adhesive that makes it super-easy to apply, remove and reuse, if you so choose.

When it’s removed from the surface it doesn’t leave any residue behind or remove paint from a primed wall. It’s safe to apply over wallpaper, applies wrinkle-free and does not rip.

Because of its success, a number of competitive materials have arrived on the market that have set out to replicate the adhesive qualities that make Photo Tex so unique. In the video embedded below, LexJet’s technical support team demonstrates a variety of tests you can do to test the adhesive to see if it does what it says it will do.

For more information about Photo Tex – the solvent and aqueous versions and the new Photo Tex EX, which has a stronger adhesive for hard-to-stick-to surfaces, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

How-To Videos: Banner Stand Setup is a Breeze with Expand Banner Stands

Expand Banner Stands are extremely easy to use when both installing a graphic and setting a stand up for display. Two of those stands are the XStand and the MediaScreen.

How to set up an Expand banner standExpand Banner Stands come with a lifetime warranty and all but the MediaScreen 2 Outdoor are certified by Expand for use with LexJet 5.5 Mil Matte Opaque Display Film for aqueous printers and LexJet Satin Light Block Polyester (7 Mil or 9 Mil) for solvent, low solvent, UV curable and latex printers. For more information about Expand Banner Stands at LexJet, click here.

The XStand is a lightweight option that sets up almost effortlessly. The only extra labor required prior to installing the graphic is to attach graphic plates to the four corners on the back of the finished graphic. When installing the graphic, you simply attach each corner of the graphic to one of the four arms and use the fifth arm to support the stand and adjust the display angle.

The MediaScreen is a user-friendly retractable display. Installing the graphic into the cassette is easy. Attaching the top of the graphic to the graphic rail is even easier since the rail clamps down on the graphic.

Setting up the stand for display is as simple as unfolding the foot, inserting the telescopic pole into the foot, and then lifting up the graphic and attaching it to the support pole. The telescopic support pole can then be adjusted to heights between 63″ and 88 5/8″.

The videos embedded below in the order shown include:

  • XStand Demonstration
  • MediaScreen Demonstration