Width Variety Key to Consistent Canvas Print Projects

Sunset by Fredrix Satin Canvas SUV.
Sunset by Fredrix Satin Canvas SUV.

A common issue in multiple-print canvas projects, like a gallery exhibition, is finding enough different roll widths for all the sizes you need to print. The ability to use the same canvas for one project ensures production efficiency and image consistency across all the widths you print.

That’s why the new Sunset by Fredrix Canvases for solvent and aqueous printers are available from LexJet in widths up to 64″.

Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas for aqueous printers, which features one of the brightest white points for an OBA-free canvas, comes in 17″, 24″, 36″, 44″, 60″ and 64″ widths.

Sunset by Fredrix Satin Canvas SUV for solvent, low-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers – which  provides consistent and accurate color on a bright-white, acid-free base – comes in 30″, 36″, 54″, 60″ and 64″ widths.

Now, whether you’re printing all sizes yourself, or outsourcing your largest prints, you can ensure that all your prints match in finish, texture and image quality: one canvas, one color profile and a consistent, high-quality project every time.

Give a LexJet customer specialist a call at 800-453-9538 to find out more and to get the sizes you need for your printer with the new Sunset by Fredrix canvases.

Etching and Textured Papers for Décor Printing Join the Sunset Line of Inkjet Media

Sunset Textured SD
Photo of Sunset Textured SD Paper being printed at Soicher-Marin, Sarasota, Fla., by Heather Storm, production specialist.

Print shops, fine art reproduction companies and photographers looking for an edge in the production of décor artwork for their customers now have two inkjet décor papers they can add to their product line: Sunset Etching SD and Sunset Textured SD.

Both were designed to replicate the high quality of Sunset Cotton Etching and Sunset Textured Fine Art papers, which are geared toward custom high-end reproductions, while offering a price point and production capabilities for longer runs of décor prints. They are compatible with aqueous inkjet printers.

Sunset Etching SD Paper 210g: Perfectly priced for high-volume work, it has a natural, relatively smooth surface and is ideal for watercolor, fine art and poster reproductions.

“We really like it. In fact, a customer told me yesterday that when it’s printed it looks like velvet. It’s the best we’ve ordered and that’s why we keep using it,” says Elizabeth Ashford, production manager for Encore Editions, New Hope Pa., which uses the paper for reproducing 18th and 19th century artwork.

Sunset Textured SD Paper 245g: Also priced for high-volume work, this décor paper features a natural-white textured surface that adds a painterly look to photographic prints and art reproductions. It can add surface dimension and visual interest to paintings and images that consist mainly of bold, loose strokes instead of intricate details.

“It’s very consistent in texture and quality. The texture looks especially good for fine art prints, and more importantly, our customers like it because you can’t tell that it was inkjet-printed; it looks like the original art,” says Heather Storm, production specialist for Soicher-Marin, Sarasota, Fla.

Greg Doucet, owner of Renaissance Imaging in Baton Rouge adds, “I am trying to promote the Sunset Textured SD more because I think the texture helps with the final print, especially watercolor and oil reproductions. It helps us on longer print runs because it’s not quite as sensitive to handling, and we’re able to price it at a point that works for us and our clients.”

Sunset Textured SD and Sunset Etching SD have recently been added to LexJet’s Sunset line of fine art, photo and fine photo paper, canvas and coatings.

They are available for next-day delivery in most of the Continental U.S. from of LexJet’s nationwide distribution centers, and come with LexJet’s 30-day money-back guarantee and free and unlimited product support. Sunset Textured SD is available in 17″-60″ widths and Sunset Etching SD in 17″-44″ widths.

Save up to $2,500 with Epson’s Summertime Rebates

Print Room at Editions Limited

Epson just announced summertime rebates for most of its printer line, most of which are good through Oct. 31. Here are the rebate details, grouped by printer type (Stylus Pro aqueous, SureColor low solvent and Technical printers)…

Epson Stylus Pro Mail-In Rebates

Epson Stylus Pro Instant Rebates

Epson SureColor Rebates

  • Free additional one-year extended Silver Service Plan ($1,995 value) for the Epson SureColor S30670
  • Free additional one-year extended Silver Service Plan ($2,495 value) for the Epson SureColor S50670
  • Free additional one-year extended Silver Service Plan ($2,495 value) for the Epson SureColor S50670 HD
  • Free additional one-year extended Silver Service Plan ($2,495 value) for the Epson SureColor S70670
  • Free additional one-year extended Silver Service Plan ($2,495 value) for the Epson SureColor S70670 HD
  • $2,000 Instant Rebate on all SureColor S-Series printers

Epson SureColor T-Series Instant Rebates

For more information about the latest rebates, go to www.lexjet.com/rebates.aspx, or contact a LexJet customer specialist, who can also tell you about special bundle deals, at 800-453-9538.

And, to learn more about how to set up and operate Epson printers, go to the Epson Printers and Workflow playlist at LexJet’s YouTube Channel.