Making a Custom Profile for an Epson Inkjet Printer

LexJet offers free custom profiles for a variety of printers and media to maximize the quality of your inkjet printing output. Following is a video that shows how to create a custom profile at LexJet’s website.

In this example, the video shows how to do this with an Epson 7900 inkjet printer in Adobe Photoshop CS4 for LexJet Sunset Photo eSatin Paper, which is also applicable for CS3 users. Though each Epson printer may have a slightly different driver interface, the process is basically the same.

If you’re using CS5, I recommend creating profiles in either the CS3 or CS4 versions. We’re currently testing the best methods for creating custom profiles in CS5 and will post that video once we’ve got it figured out. As always, if you have any questions or run into any problems, contact a LexJet account specialist.