Making Window Graphics Easy with FaceMount Perforated Window Grip

Installing window graphics on the inside of the windowIf you’re looking for an easier way to install one-way window graphics (where you can’t see inside through the graphic, but you can see out from the inside of the window), LexJet FaceMount Perforated Window Grip with a 60/40 perforated pattern is great alternative.

Case in point is a project that Cottrell Printing in Centennial, Colo., recently completed for Antoine du Chez, a high-end salon in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. The window graphics installation was on the second floor, which was reason enough to use an interior-application solution, as opposed to applying graphics to the exterior.

Window graphics for advertising“The weather is always consistent inside,” says Rick Hillibrand, CEO of Cottrell Printing. “And in this instance, everything is on the second floor, so we would have had to hire a lift or figure out something like that for an exterior application.”

Hillibrand adds that this installation went much smoother than a similar application on the south side of the building. For one, they had to work around a bar in the middle of the window. Plus, since it faces south, the window was a bit hot. This recent application was on one long window with no obstacles to work around and the northern exposure kept the temperature down.

“Mounting against gravity, like we did the first time – having to work from the bottom up on the top panel so we could line it up with the bottom panel – is more difficult. Plus, we’ve gotten better and faster at installing it,” adds Hillibrand.

The graphics were printed by Ultimax Incorporated, Denver, on its Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 low-solvent inkjet printer. You actually print to the low-tack grip adhesive that has an ink-receptive coating. The polyester liner helps ensure a smooth application since it prevents the film from tunneling and curling during installation.

Smooth, Bubble-Free Window Graphics Applications

Applying window graphics on the inside of a windowAvailable from LexJet’s Nationwide Delivery Network this week is a new 1-mil clear polyester film with adhesive on both sides designed for applying temporary window graphics.

LexJet FaceMount-X Removable Adhesive has a permanent solvent acrylic adhesive on one side where the graphic is applied facing out and a removable solvent acrylic adhesive on the other side where it’s applied to the inside of the window.

The air flow release liner on the removable side makes installation quick, easy and bubble-free. Once the promotion or campaign is over, the graphic is easily removed with no residue.

The removable adhesive is ideal for protecting the graphic from picky passersby and the weather, as well as sign code enforcers who don’t like graphics applied to the outside of windows.

For more information about LexJet FaceMount-X Removable Adhesive, as well as LexJet’s line of window graphic products for any project or ink type, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

Buy a LexJet Elite Laminate for the First Time, Get 30% Off

Laminates for trade shows, special events, display and POPFor first-time buyers of LexJet Elite laminates, LexJet is offering a limited-time offer of 30 percent off your first purchase. LexJet Elite laminates are so called because they have specific elite qualities built into them not available with any other laminate in the industry…

  • PreLume Inside for images that stand out in a crowded field, which is particularly important at trade shows and events where the competition to make an impact is especially fierce. PreLume is an optical reflection technology inside each Elite laminate. It ensures brighter, cleaner white areas for greater contrast and dynamic range.
  • The most durable solvent acrylic adhesive in the industry. LexJet’s unique adhesive was engineered to eliminate the need for painful do-overs. De-lamination, tunneling and other failures are a thing of the past with LexJet Elite laminates.
  • A Lifetime Warranty comes with most of LexJet’s Elite laminates, something you simply won’t find anywhere else. It’s more than peace of mind; it’s a promise. LexJet Elite laminates that come with the Lifetime Warranty include: LexJet Elite Textured Coex Laminate (5 Mil, 10 Mil and 15 Mil) and LexJet Elite Polycarbonate Laminate (5 Mil, 10 Mil and 15 Mil).

As with all LexJet products, you will receive personal and unlimited product and technical support, LexJet’s 30-day money-back guarantee and help finding the right product for the application. Click here to download a Buyer’s Guide that details LexJet’s Elite, Performance and Specialty laminates.

The offer expires on May 31, 2011, and is not available online, so call a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538 to take advantage of the offer.

Window Graphics Applications Made Easy with Optically Clear Tape

LexJet Optically Clear Tape is a great alternative for applying graphics to the inside of a window.

If you’re looking for an economical and easy way to apply and remove window graphics, LexJet is now offering LexJet Optically Clear Tape. It’s a 1”-wide optically-clear double-sided tape that allows you to face-mount graphics on the inside of the window so they can be viewed from the outside.

Optically Clear Tape has a permanent acrylic adhesive on one side to apply to the graphic and a removable adhesive on the other to apply to the window. The tape is quick and easy to apply and is an economic alternative since you’re only applying it to the perimeter as opposed to covering the entire graphic with an optically clear adhesive. Plus, it eliminates the potential for vandalism since the graphic is on the inside of the window.

LexJet Optically Clear Tape works well with polypropylene and polyester print media as well as LexJet Two-Way Light Block for double-sided window graphics that can be seen both inside and outside the store and LexJet FaceMount 70/30 Perforated Film.