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Retail Signage Made Easy: Our Favorite Go-to Products

In the fast-paced world of retail promotion in the form of hanging signs, window graphics, floor stickers and much more, providing easy-to-install material is key. Whether it’s a teenage sales clerk or an experienced graphics installer doing the work, switching out retail signage has to be quick and efficient.

Here are some solutions for retail spaces that you can offer your customers who are looking for great print quality, speedy install and clean removal when it’s time for the message to change:

LexJet Extreme AquaVinyl w/ PSA

Re-invigorate Display Cases: When Allison-Kaufman Company participated in a jewelry show, they needed an eye-catching display for the Queen of Black Diamonds pieces. The solution? Wrapping a dull display case with Art Deco-style graphics printed on a pressure-sensitive vinyl like LexJet Extreme AquaVinyl w/ PSA, which instantly upgraded the case and could be removed later. This aqueous-compatible waterproof vinyl is durable enough to be used outdoors or on vehicles for up to 12 months.

Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric

Whole Foods stores are experts in creating temporary signage of all sorts. They found that a quick-and-easy way to decorate fixtures, such as a small cooler, is with Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric. Compatible with solvent or latex printers, it’s a dimensionally stable option that won’t expand or shrink on a cooler or other items that present temperature variables. Plus, it’s truly simple to use and forgiving. Just print the graphic, remove the release liner and stick the graphic into place (use a squeegee and apply even pressure for crease-free adhesion). If you make a mistake, it can easily be removed and repositioned several times.

HP Light Fabric

Upgrade Banners: Many large retail stores opt to use their space to bring messages overhead with hanging banners. However, typical scrim banner doesn’t necessarily offer the right look for the ambiance they’re trying to create. That’s where HP Light Fabric comes in. This latex-compatible textile is a light-weight knitted polyester that delivers bright, vibrant colors and, once hung, has an elegant drape that’s ideal for high-end retail. Because it resists creases and wrinkles, HP Light Fabric is easy to handle and install, and has a budget-friendly price point, too.

floor graphic
LexJet Promo-Point Decals

Smarter Floor Graphics: Whole Foods found a clever way to use LexJet Promo-Point Window Cling and Decals for several applications, including small floor graphics. Even with the high-volume foot traffic, the stores found that the printed decals have lasted up to eight weeks without lamination. To learn an easy way to install self-adhesive floor graphics using the hinge method, watch this video. Other quick-and-easy one-step floor graphic solutions include panoRama Walk & Wall and LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric, both of which can be applied without a laminate.

LexJet Production Satin Photo Paper PSA

Self-stick Posters in a Flash: Last year we re-launched LexJet Production Satin Photo Paper PSA, an ideal option for retail outlets that want photo-realistic posters that can be adhered permanently. This new version of this product is offered at a lower price, and is more durable and thicker, making it easier to work with. With a one-step adhesive, it’s a peel-and-stick in place simple solution. It works with any substrate, like poster board, PVC, foam boards or aluminum. It can also be used to create product packaging prototypes.

LexJet Simple Grip Backlit

Transform Window Graphics: If there’s one new product that’s taken window graphics to the next level this year, it’s the award-winning LexJet Simple Grip Backlit. This easy-to-use film is face-mounted on the inside window, but viewable from indoors or out, and absolutely pops when paired with back- or front-lighting or even natural sunlight. It’s a great option day or night to use valuable window space for any sort of messaging. To see how easy it is to put up, check out our installation guide.

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  1. What profile do you recommend on the HP Latex 315 for the LexJet Simple Grip Backlit ?

    • Hi Scott – If you go to, you’ll find the proper profile for Simple Grip under HP Printers > HP Latex 360 > Onyx Profiles > LexJet Simple Grip Backlit. Hope that helps!

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