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Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family

Everyone has to go to the doctor at some point. Trips to the family doctor, dentist or even the dermatologist are a part of our everyday lives. But that trip to the doctor could put your personal at risk. New Black Book Market Research shows 73-percent of hospitals, doctors, and healthcare systems are unprepared to respond to a cyber-attack. That makes them, and your sensitive information, sitting ducks.

But you do have options. You can either add to the billions of dollars spent on credit watchdogs which can’t do anything once you’re a victim or you can invest in LibertyID. LibertyID provides full service, fully managed identity theft restoration to individuals, couples, families and businesses. It has a 100% success rate in resolving all forms of identity fraud on behalf of its subscribers.

Sound too good to be true? Well, one of S-One Holding’s board members was a victim of identity theft and used LibertyID to get his life back.

You can sign up for LibertyID for the very special price of $39.95 a year. Membership includes you, your spouse/partner, your parents, your parents-in-law, and your children under age 25. People can spend thousands of dollars and years of their lives getting back their identities. With LibertyID, you’ll spend just as little as 30 minutes and wait as little as 15 days for full restoration. Sign up today!

Dan is the senior content manager at S-One Marketing. He spent nearly 20 years in television news, working in cities like Dayton, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C, before making the jump to S-One. He lives in Northern Kentucky with his wife and two daughters, both of whom will be in college this fall.

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