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Prints from Keepsake Canvas Are Hand-Crafted, Not Mass-Produced

In the race to grow the market for photo canvas prints, some companies have pursued a high volume/low-price strategy. As a result, some photo canvases look and feel as if they have been manufactured on an assembly line—without much regard to the specific characteristics and nuances of the photograph itself. Some companies cut corners on canvas prints by using lower-quality print materials, stretcher bars, and finishing products.

LexJet customer Pat Walsh of Keepsake Canvas in New Brighton, MN is taking a different approach. As a photographer himself, he understands that one reason people are attracted to photos on canvas is that they want something that looks and feels like heirloom art. That’s why he pays close attention to the color accuracy and consistency of each image and small details in every phase of the production, finishing, stretching, and shipping process.

Like most producers of canvas prints, Keepsake Canvas uses inkjet printers with pigment inks that will last more than 100 years when the prints are properly finished and displayed. He also uses high-quality printing materials from LexJet, including LexJet Sunset Select Matte Canvas.

Here are a few ways Keepsake Canvas prints are different:

Color accuracy: The color-managed workflow at Keepsake Canvas ensures that if you send a file with red, it will print red, not orange or purple. If you use a calibrated monitor with profiles provided by Keepsake Canvas, you can preview how the colors of your print will look before you submit the file.

Matte laminating film: Although it might cost less to spray or roll on a liquid clearcoat, Keepsake Canvas uses a vacuum press to apply a thin, matte laminating film that accentuates the canvas texture while making the print surface easy to clean and highly resistant to water, scuffs, and dust. The laminating film enhances color clarity and provides additional protection against UV light.  Water beads up on a Keepsake Canvas print, whereas it might soak in on canvas prints on which a liquid coating has been unevenly applied.

Paper backing: A paper backing that helps protect the print from exposure to moisture is included with the price of every print.

Sharp-looking, flat corners:  Keepsake Canvas produces straight, neatly wrapped corners with a minimum of bulge. The canvas is also folded and stapled all along the back edges for a clean, sharp look.

Solid, knot-free wood stretcher bars: To eliminate the possibility that sap will stain your print, Keepsake Canvas discards any stretcher bars with knots. The corners of the solid wood frames are joined by heavy-duty fasteners instead of plastic shims or tiny v-nails.

Ready-to-hang prints: Instead of getting a small bag with hanging hardware, your print will be delivered ready to hang, with the hardware pre-installed.

If you are a professional photographer, Keepsake Canvas offers reseller pricing that can help your bottom line.

If you are an advanced amateur or family memory-keeper who simply wants to convert your favorite images into gallery-worthy canvas prints, you can qualify for discounts for multiple purchases through the “frequent-buyer” program. Your referrals to family, friends, and business associates contribute towards your discounts.

“Everyone wins with this approach,” says Pat Walsh. “Resellers make more profit and aficionados get multiple prints for less and less. If you trust us with your favorite and beloved images, we will do everything in our power to give you a product that you will love forever.” For more information, visit

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