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Print Providers Should Wait Before Upgrading to New Operating Systems

By Michael Clementi

CautionSignComputerLexJet helps thousands of professional photographers and entrepreneurs find new ways to succeed by using wide-format inkjet printers to diversify their imaging businesses. So, we really like talking to people who are eager to try new things. But whenever new operating systems come out, we must provide a friendly reminder to our customers that sometimes it pays not to be an early adopter.   

Before investing in the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft and Apple, check to make sure that it will be compatible with every frequently used piece of software on your computer—especially printer drivers.

We have already learned that some printer drivers aren’t yet fully compatible with the recently released Snow Leopard OS for Mac.  It’s also possible that older versions of commonly used printing and photo-editing software won’t be compatible either.

Before making the move to a new operating system, check the printer manufacturer’s website to make sure that updates are available. And do the same with the software that you rely on most often in your daily operations

A good rule-of-thumb is to wait at least six months after a new operating system is released to make the switch. This will allow all the kinks in different workflows to be worked out and give software and hardware companies time to update their drivers and versions. 

It will also save you from having to spend valuable time on the phone with the customer support departments at various companies.

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