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Photography Pro Kent Foster Converts Images into Permanent Wallcoverings

Photo courtesy of Kent Foster at

When visitors enter the production room at Fostergraphs in Decorah, Iowa, they get the distinct impression that they aren’t in Iowa anymore. The overall effect is “Wow!”

That’s because company owner/professional photographer Kent Foster has converted two images he originally shot for stock photography into visually dramatic wallcoverings. He printed the wallcoverings himself using LexJet’s new inkjet-printable WallPro SUV wallcovering material on his 64-in. Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 low-solvent printer.

Foster plans to use his imaging expertise and 64-in. printing equipment to help other photographers and artists convert their images into new types of products, such as murals and wallcoverings.  For commercial and residential customers, he is offering a concept-to-completion service in which he will shoot whatever image a client might envision. Then, to ensure the utmost quality of the photo mural, Foster will oversee all of the image processing, printing, and installation.

“My experience as a professional photographer gives me an edge, in terms of knowing how to properly prepare images for use, as well as what types of images may work best as wall art,” says Foster. He has enough experience printing and installing murals on Photo Tex PSA fabric from LexJet to understand what types of images work best when scaled up to mural size.

Shown here is a tropic scenic that Foster shot on an island in the Bahamas. Near the door at the entrance to the room, the tropical image segues into a majestic image Kent captured at Mt. Rainier in the Pacific Northwest. The wallcoverings were installed by professional wallpaper hanger Stacy Bolson, the owner of SB Bolson and Sons LLC. Stacy is from the third generation of Bolsons to manage the family business which  was founded in 1922.

LexJet’s WallPro wallcovering materials have a bright-white surface for reproducing the wide range of tones and details associated with high-quality image reproduction.  They are available in four different textures that are designed not to detract from the image quality.

Foster chose to use WallPro Fresco for this project because the OSB wood walls of the room are a bit rougher than drywall. The subtle plaster-like texture of WallPro Fresco keeps imperfections in the wall surface from showing through the image. When hanging the murals on one of the walls, Bolson applied a liner, enabling customers who visit Fostergraphs to compare the final effects of different installation techniques.

If you have any questions about LexJet WallPro or Photo Tex PSA materials, please call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

If you would like to use Kent Foster’s photo-reproduction expertise and 64-in. printing capabilities for special projects such as wallcoverings and décor projects, you can contact him directly at

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