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Photo Mural Helps Dental Patients Relax

On his Beyond the Lens blog, landscape photographer Robert Rodriguez Jr. of Beacon, NY showcased this kayaking mural that he recently printed on Photo Tex PSA fabric from LexJet. The mural was designed to bring the feel of the Hudson River into the main exam room of the Dr. Ricardo Rios of Middle Hope Family Dental Center in Newburgh, NY.

Photo: Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

Rodriguez felt capable of installing the mural himself, because he says, “Photo Tex is extremely easy to work with since it has an adhesive backing that is strong but allows for respositioning and doesn’t damage the wall when removed.”

He notes that “I am really excited about promoting these types of installations, especially in healthcare environments where I’ve always believed nature can promote healthy mental and physical well-being. When the nature is local and familiar to the community, it is that much more effective.”

In the blog post about the mural, he outlines some of the steps he took to ensure that the installed mural looks its best. When you visit his Beyond the Lens blog for some of his tips on creating a Photo Tex photo mural, check out the post How to Choose Between Canvas and Framed Prints.  Robert Rodriguez Jr.  provides some excellent advice!

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  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful image. I am a firm believer in bringing art into healthcare environments as well. Too often, the sterile surroundings adversely effect the patients and it’s great to see more people out there promoting awareness of this need. Thanks!

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