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Night and Day: Flowing City Panorama Printed on Satin Cloth

Great Lakes Editions' entry in this year's ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, Mich., printed on 24 vertical sections of LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth.

A few days ago we posted the story about Dan Johnson Photography’s entry in Grand Rapid’s extraordinary ArtPrize competition in which thousands of artists competed using every possible artistic medium and hundreds of thousands judged.

Another photographer who entered, Steven Huyser-Honig, owner of Great Lakes Editions in Grand Rapids, created an amazing three-dimensional photographic panorama of the Grand Rapids skyline going from dawn to noon to dusk.

“It was composed from almost 600 photographs of the Grand Rapids skyline taken over the course of a single day. The panorama was captured in vertical sections at regular intervals. Each vertical section included as many as 25 photographs blended together to form the final image,” says Huyser-Honig. “The 24 vertical sections in the final panorama were printed on 16-in. wide strips of LexJet Water Resistant Satin Cloth, and then hung in parallel and overlapping arcs.”

Huyser-Honig says his original concept was a two-dimensional, flat panorama, tiled together on either canvas or photo paper. Thankfully, inspiration struck and he came up with something far more interesting.

“I found that each vertical shot had its own integrity and character, so I started looking for the best material to create the concept,” says Huyser-Honig. “Ultimately, LexJet had the material that would work best. It draped perfectly and there was very little curling, plus I like the fact that it’s so light and moves around in the gentle breezes at the venue. It increased the reality of the piece.”

The panoramic display would make the perfect backdrop at the receptionist’s desk at any Grand Rapids corporation and Huyser-Honig plans to shop around after he enters it again in a springtime competition in Grand Rapids.

He’s skipping this year’s ArtPrize competition so that he can create a similar yet more ambitious piece for the 2012 competition that shows Grand Rapids as it changes from winter to spring to fall and back to winter over the next year.

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