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LensFlareLive: Online Talk Radio Offers Ongoing Education for Photographers

In the March issue of In Focus (Vol 5., No. 3), we profiled LexJet customer Dave Warner, the nature and landscape photographer who is blazing new trails in online media for photographers. Although Warner continues to capture new images and make prints that he sells in galleries and online, he now sees himself more as a podcaster who shoots photographs rather than a photographer who produces podcasts.

Last May, Dave founded LensFlare35.com to help amateur and professional photographers stay informed, network, and leverage tips and techniques. So far, he has posted hour-long interviews with more than 40 photographers and filmmakers from disciplines ranging from photojournalism and nature to wedding, portraits and sports. The site includes wide-ranging talks with long-term pros (such as former White House photographer David Hume Kennerly) as well as young photographers (such as 22-year-old Gabby Salazar) who are doing interesting things with cameras. 

Initially, Warner only interviewed Canon shooters and Canon Explorers of Light, because most of the digital-photography content on other sites seemed focused on Nikon users. But he has since branched out, asking each photographer he interviews who they would like to see interviewed next.

Because photography clients may soon expect a single professional to deliver both stills and video, Warner has started interviewing filmmakers so all imaging professionals can learn from each other and develop the broad spectrum of skills they will need in the future.  So far, Warner has done 16 ‘Quick Hit’ shows with filmmakers who use HD DSLRs.

LensFlareLive: Recently, Warner initiated a series of live panel discussions using the BlogTalk Radio platform.  Each show typically features a moderated panel discussion of two or three experts on a photography topic. Listeners are encouraged to submit questions by e-mail before the show and get actively involved in each discussion.

 “The live show format is pretty wild, because we take telephone, Twitter and chat questions throughout the show,” Warmer says.

Here are the LensFlareLive shows scheduled for April:

  • April 6: Nature, Landscape, Bird, Travel Photography (9 pm ET)
  • April 13: Wildlife Photography Discussions with the DPExperience Gang (8 pm ET)
  • April 20: Social Media, New Media, Marketing (7 pm ET)
  • April 27: HD DSLRs, Fusion, Convergence, Video and Stills (7 pm ET)

If you want to listen to previous shows on these topics, or if you can’t participate in one of the live shows in April, you can download the show from the archives on LensFlare35.com or from iTunes.

To read more about Dave Warner (and see some of the beautiful images he captures in The Adirondacks Park near his home), read the Artist’s Spotlight profile in Vol 3., No. 5 of LexJet’s In Focus or visit www.DaveWarnerStudio.com

Photo ©Dave Warner, www.DaveWarnerStudio.com

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