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Inkjet Media Profiles Made Easy with the HP Z6200 and Z3200

HP Designjet PrintersHP’s Designjet Z6200 and Z3200 are equipped with an on-board i1 spectrophotometer, which makes it quite simple to create your own media presets and profiles for printing through the HP driver.

You can also create profiles using the on-board spectrophotometer if you’re using ONYX or any other RIP, though the process is a bit more complicated.

If you’re printing through the driver, following is a full video tutorial that shows, step by step, how you can create your own media preset and profile. Using this simple process there should be no need to use generic HP settings with LexJet or any other inkjet media…

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  1. Can this work with the Designjet 5500UV?
    Not sure how to do a color management workflow on non-HP materials with this printer. I can not figure out how to create a custom media profile (.pdw) for this printer. Any guidance or links appreciated!

    • Hi Terry. Unfortunately, the DesignJet 5500 does not have an on-board spectrophotometer so you’re unable to make ICC profiles like you could with a Z3200 or Z6200. However, you can make ICC profiles with an external spectrophotometer. If you are using a RIP, you will need to create the profile through that software as opposed to the software that comes with the spectrophotometer. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Thanks,
    I have access to an efi color profiler suite v3 with the spectrophotometer.
    Once I create the ICC profiles, how can I save them as a preset in the 5500? It has all the HP Media presets loaded but I want to use paper from Lexjet or the sources.
    Here is an example of the files that get uploaded to be embedded in the printer:
    According to HP, these have to be chosen when paper is loaded into the machine. If I do a “best guess” and pick an HP preset that I think comes close to the paper I’m using, will the ICC profile from Photoshop override this?
    Looking for a workflow as I am wasting too much paper…

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