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HP Latex 300 Series Firmware and FlexiPRINT HP Edition Software Update

HP Firmware Update
To get the latest firmware update for the HP Latex 300 Series Printers, click on the image.

HP has released a new firmware auto-update for all of its Latex 300 Series Printers. The firmware update (03_09.1) will improve long-term curing performance, improve loading process for textiles, fix problems reported by some customers when printing on two or more printers from the same RIP, improved e-mail alert functionality, provide more reliable reporting of ink cartridge levels, and more.

Depending on your printer settings, you may have already received an automatic alert to download and install the firmware. The automatic alert can be activated on your printer’s front panel at Settings>Updates>Firmware Update.

To access the update on the web, go to www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html, then Find your product>Select your OS>Download the *.fmw file>Install it via USB or EWS.

SAi will also release a matching auto-update for FlexiPRINT HP Edition software to make printer installation setup faster and easier and increase automation of daily media and job setup.

Here’s what’s new in Build 2120 of FlexiPRINT HP Edition software:

Automatic Media DetectionAutomatic media detection: Now when you load a media on the HP Latex 300 Series printer, FlexiPRINT Production Manager will automatically recognize the loaded media and width and will apply them to the Default Job Properties. It also sets the matching ICC profile automatically for the loaded media. This means new jobs using the Default Job Properties will automatically be set for the current media and size loaded on the printer.

Automatic ICC Profile download: During the initial media synchronization, Production Manager now downloads all ICC profiles for the media installed in the HP Latex 300 Series printer. Also, when you add a new media to the printer library, the matching ICC profile will automatically be downloaded into Production Manager.

Faster media synchronization: Media synchronization is now significantly faster and automatically happens when the printer is first added to FlexiPRINT Production Manager.

Media SyncMedia sync between printers: For users with two or more HP Latex 300 Series printers, there is a new tool to allow easy synchronization of media between printers. You can access this new tool by clicking on the Sync Media button in the Latex Media explorer in FlexiPRINT Production Manager.

Individual printer profiles: ICC profiles are now stored separately between the HP Latex 310, HP Latex 330 and HP Latex 360 models.

More HP Printer srivers: SAi FlexiPRINT Premium and FlexiSIGN-Pro HP Editions now include all printer drivers for HP Designjet Z-Series, HP Scitex LX600 & LX800 Series and Scitex FB500, FB700 & FB900 Series printers. This provides a consistent, productive workflow for your existing HP and the new HP Latex printers.

Get the FlexiPRINT HP Edition software update here: http://www.ThinkSAi.com/update

As soon as the HP firmware auto update begins, all new orders of SAi FlexiPRINT Basic, Premium and SIGN-Pro HP Edition will be the new Build 2120. Existing users with Build 2091 will also receive a notification when they run FlexiPRINT that this software update is available.

Existing User Installation Steps:

  1. Open your SAi FlexiPRINT Production Manager software and you will see a pop-up dialog box notification.
  2. In the update notification dialog box, click Yes.
  3. At the top of the web window on the right, click Download Now link. (If your web window is not open in Production Manager, click View at the top menu and check the Cloud Page option.)
  4. Download the updater file and close all FlexiPRINT software applications.
  5. Run the updater and the installation will begin. Follow the instructions.

To see videos and get details on the SAi FlexiPRINT products, visit: www.ThinkSAi.com/HPLatex. If you have any questions, call a LexJet printer specialist at 800-453-9538.

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