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How to Replace Printheads on a Canon Inkjet Printer

Canon printheads are rated to go through a certain amount of droplets before they need to be replaced. The printer will let you know when it’s time to replace the printhead.  When that time comes, here’s a step by step video on how to replace Canon large format inkjet printheads. Though this is a Canon iPF6100, the steps apply to all Canon wide-format printers…

Adam Hannig is LexJet’s technical guru who troubleshoots problems in the inkjet printing workflow and tests new software, printers and materials to ensure LexJet customers get the most out of production. Originally from Minnesota and a lifelong Twins fan, Adam is a graduate of Chico State University.


  1. Clif Beck

    I have a canon IPF-6100 with only 72 L.F. of paper run thru it, but made a mistake of unplugging it when I knew I wouldn’t be using it for several months. When I went to use it again the first printer head was stopped up. Long story short after doing the on board head cleaning, the after market cleaning solution and everything else, the only thing I accomplished was using up a lot of ink. Now I have decided to replace the printer head that is shown to be clogged and I am betting the other printer head is in the same shape so I am going to replace them both. My question is can I replace them both at the same time, or will I have to replace the first one and wait for the printer to say replace the second one?

    • Regan Dickinson

      Hi… There is an option to replace both at the same time through the replace printheads option on the printer menu. Let us know if that helps…

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