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How One Artist Turns Math into Art

Image provided by Joseph Presley


Turns out, math isn’t used just for counting paychecks and giving high school kids headaches. Fractal art is a design style created entirely from math formulas, and Bradenton, Fla., artist, Joseph Presley, has spent the last 15 years turning complicated math formulas into pieces of artwork.

“I first learned about fractal math from my Calculus III class in college,” Presley explains, “It’s all very analytical. In the simplest terms, it’s an image made from mathematical loops that are all built upon each other.” His images are intricate colorful loops and swirls that seem like puzzles.

Image provided by Joseph Presley

The ArtCenter Manatee, which strives to educate artists of all ages and to provide galleries to display their original artwork, is currently holding a solo exhibit of 39 of Presley’s digital prints that are available for purchase. In order to display his works, Presley has used a combination of LexJet products to guarantee that his work always looks its best.

“I use the Sunset Photo Satin and the Sunset SD Etching Paper,” Presley explains. The Sunset Photo Satin is a photo paper that gives users the ability to print high-end photos, portraits, posters and commercial displays. The Sunset SD Etching Paper is a versatile paper for reproducing paintings, drawings, and wall art.

JP Piano
Image provided by Joseph Presley

Presley gets most of his inspiration for his artwork from nature and music. “I’ve been playing piano since I was 5 years old, so music is a big source of inspiration for me,” he says.

Most of Presley’s images have piano keys or are inspired by cellos and violins. Other images are inspired by clocks, books, and the color spectrum. Creating these images isn’t easy.

“It’s a very complicated process. There are lots of steps involved, lots of analytics, but there are still elements of design,” he explains. “I use the same methods as any other artist.”

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