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Hahnemϋhle FineArt Relaunches My Art Registry Website

Here’s some good news for LexJet customers who use Hahnemϋhle digital fine art papers to print limited editions of their art or photographs. At the Photokina 2010 show in Cologne, Hahnemϋhle FineArt relaunched a website that gives photographers and artists the opportunity to document that their work is genuine.

The website, www.myartregistry.com, is a cost-free service for photographers and artists who use Hahnemϋhle-branded Certificates of Authenticity and Hahnemϋhle-logo holograms with their limited-edition prints.

Each Hahnemϋhle Certificate of Authenticity is designed to be used with a pair of holograms that have the same serial number. You attach one hologram to the face of the printed Certificate of Authenticity that you give to the buyer of the print. Then, you attach the other hologram to the back of the print itself. The combination of the certificate and hologram assures that each Certificate relates to one particular piece of art.

You then register the serial number of each hologram-tagged print on the My Art Registry website. The database accepts each number only once.

When an artist’s certified works are published in the database, “Every potential customer has the chance to easily attain certainty when it comes to the picture’s origin,” explains Stefan Neumann, head of the Hahnemϋhle Technical Support Team.

The Hahnemϋhle Certificate of Authenticity is made with a premium deckle-edged mould-made paper with a Hahnemϋhle watermark and fluorescent security fibers. Each box contains 25 A4-size sheets and 50 holograms.

You can choose to print whatever information you like on the Certificate of Authenticity, or download a template from the Hahnemϋhle FineArt website. In addition to providing a space for the name of the artist, the template includes a place for the image itself, the title of the art, the format, and type of print (e.g. Fine Art Inkjet Print). Plus, the template suggests including details about the size of the edition, release date, and type of paper and inks used.

The Certificates of Authenticity can be ordered online through the Hahnemuhle Direct website.

LexJet sells an extensive selection of Hahnemϋhle papers and canvas for fine-art and photo printing. Contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538 for more information, or shop online.

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