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Dan Berg Offers Hands-On Instruction in Finishing Canvas Prints

If you want to learn how to convert images printed on canvas into ready-to-hang prints, contact Dan Berg to schedule a full-day of one-on-one, hands-on instruction. Whether you simply want to convert a few of your own images into wall art or create high-quality canvas prints for sale to others, Dan can show you how to:

  • Process the image specifically for printing on canvas;
  • Select the right canvas for the specific image you want to print;
  • Choose the correct print settings on a 24-in. Epson Stylus Pro7900 and 44-in Epson Stylus Pro 9900 inkjet printer;
  • Use a roller or spray gun to evenly apply a coating that protects the canvas from UV light and moisture;
  • Cut and assemble stretcher frames for panoramic or custom-size prints;
  • Gallery wrap canvas by hand or machine;
  • Mount canvas to Gatorboard; and
  • Make the print look more like a painting or achieve special artistic effects by brushing on clear acrylics.

Dan’s passion for printing and stretching canvas stems from some of the sideline businesses and hobbies he has pursued during his 35 years as a corporate pilot. In the late 70s and ‘80s, he got involved in a logging business, cutting saw timber and veneer logs in southeastern Pennsylvania. In 1987, he started Bergs Craftsmanship in Wood, handcrafting custom furniture and built-in cabinetry.

In 2005, a trip to Yellowstone National Park ignited a passion for photography that prompted him to upgrade his Nikon camera equipment and hone his editing and printing skills through workshops with nature photographer John Shaw, inkjet-printing expert Andrew Darlow, and the Epson Print Academy.

Last July, he closed the cabinetry business and renovated the old showroom into a gallery that displays canvas prints of some of the images he has captured during his travels as a corporate pilot. Since September of 2009, Berg has been offering printmaking services for photographers of all levels. He also offers capture-to-canvas photography services for sport teams, organizations, and events.

The state-of-the-art photography/printmaking studio is located in Mohnton, PA, which Is located about midway between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA.

“We kept about 1,000 square feet of the building space as a woodworking shop for frame-making and assembly. We also cleaned up the spray booth, and now use it for spraying varnish on our canvas prints.” says Berg.

He decided to begin offering canvas-finishing workshops after he realized that most digital-photography workshops rarely go beyond the printing stage. This is unfortunate, says Dan, because old-fashioned, hands-on craftsmanship can make a real difference in the quality of the finished gallery wrap or mounted canvas.

Earlier this spring, Berg conducted group workshops and hands-on training in the renovated printmaking/woodworking studio.

“Varnishing the canvas seems to be a stumbling block for many of the photographers I have taught,” says Berg. “With my extensive spray-booth and finishing experience, I cover this topic thoroughly.”

Now, he is offering one-on-one classes a variety of dates. The fee is $595 for a full-day, and $495 if you bring a second person with you. The fee includes converting one of your favorite images into a 20 x 30-in. ready-to-display, gallery-wrapped print (a $180 value).

“We teach the entire process from print to mount,” says Berg. “When you leave here, you will take with you the knowledge to do the entire canvas project with confidence.”

For more information about the workshops, visit Dan’s new blog or contact him at 610-856-7095.  Or, visit his main website: www.bergscanvasgallery.com

LexJet is pleased to report that Dan is using LexJet Sunset Select Matte canvas for both his printmaking business and the workshops.

“My business model early on was to build a printmaking studio with canvas as the primary media,” says Berg. “After receiving our new Epson 7900 in late 2008, we ordered canvas from about half a dozen different suppliers. Before producing the 40 canvas wraps we needed for our new gallery, we conducted some tests and found that Sunset Select Matte canvas was perfect for just about all of the images. Using different varnish mixtures to control the sheen enables you to go from matte to gloss for your final finish of choice.”

For more information about Sunset Select Matte Canvas, call a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.

Since 1994, LexJet has helped tens of thousands of business owners, photographers, artists, and designers prosper by helping them select the best digital-printing equipment, materials, software, and finishing systems for their operations.


  1. I purchase some artwork that was put onto canvas and protected with a glossy finish…..I want to make it a matte finish to tone it down. I love the art work, but it’s way too glossy. Can I use a matte finish decoupage or a matte finish varnish without hurting the photo. Paid too much for it be ruined.

  2. Regan Dickinson

    Hey Cheryl… We’ve done some testing with this and have had little to no success bringing a gloss finish down to a matte finish. We would not suggest attempting it on your expensive artwork as you are unlikely to be pleased with the results. Instead, and if you can, test a new matte finish on something that’s more expendable before you try it on your artwork.

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