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Check Out New Printer Deals That Make the Grade

It’s time to pack up the pool floaties and get into production mode, back-to-school-style. To help, we’ve partnered with the pros at Canon, Epson and HP to help you save big on a new printer with these rebates, special offers and pricing deals that are valid through Aug. 31, 2017, unless otherwise noted.

CANON Instant Rebates

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000, 24-inch printer: $200

Canon PRO-2000

Canon PRO-4000, 44-inch printer: $500

Canon PRO-4000S, 44-inch printer: $200

Canon PRO-Series Webinar: Join us Aug. 22 at 11 a.m. EST to discover the latest advancements in Canon printers. Attendees will receive an additional 5% off their PRO-Series printer purchase. SIGN UP NOW

EPSON Instant Rebates

SureColor S40600 Production Edition, 64-inch printer: $3,000

SureColor S60600 Production Edition, 64-inch printer: $2,000; $1,000 loyalty rebate through Aug. 31.

SureColor S80600 Production Edition, 64-inch printer: $2,000; $1,000 loyalty rebate through Aug. 31.

SureColor P10000, 44-inch printer: Free take-up reel with purchase

SureColor P20000, 64-inch printer: $1,000 plus free take-up reel with purchase

SureColor P6000, 24-inch: $300; SureColor P7000 SE or CE, 24-inch: $750; SureColor P8000, 44-inch: $750; SureColor P9000 SE or CE, $1,000

SureColor T3270, 24-inch: $500; SureColor T5270, 36-inch single: $750, dual-roll: $1,000; SureColor T7270, 44-inch single: $1,000, or dual-roll: $1,200

SureColor F2000, 20-inch direct-to-garment printer: $4,000*

SureColor F6200, 44-inch dye-sublimation printer: $500*

SureColor F7200, 64-inch dye-sublimation printer: $1,000*

Epson F-Series Webinar: Sign up for our webinar on Monday, Aug. 7, at 1 p.m. EST to learn the latest on Epson’s dye-sublimation printing solutions. Attend this webinar and save an additional $500 on an Epson SureColor F6200; $1,000 on an Epson SureColor F7200, or $2,000 on an Epson SureColor F9200. SIGN UP NOW

*Rebates may be combined with webinar savings

EPSON Mail-In Rebates

SureColor P600, 13-inch: $150, plus $50 loyalty trade-up; SureColor P800, 17-inch: $300, plus $50 loyalty trade-up*

*Current owners of the SureColor P400 or P600 can upgrade to the next level (P600 or P800) and receive $50 by mail

Epson Education Discount

If you’re printing facility is in a school or university, call your LexJet rep to learn about special pricing on a qualifying Epson printer.

Epson Media Rebate

Purchase any three qualifying Epson Signature Worthy Media and get a rebate for the cost of the least expensive product purchased (before taxes) by mail.

HP Latex Printer Instant Rebates*

HP Latex 315, 54-inch printer: $1,000

HP Latex 335, 54-inch printer: $1,000

HP Latex 365, 64-inch printer: $2,000

*Instant rebates can be combined with LOI savings.

HP Latex Webinar LOI

Join us for a webinar on HP’s Latex printer technology on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2 p.m. EST. When you attend this webinar, you’ll save $1,000 on an HP Latex 315 Print & Cut Bundle or HP Latex 335 Print & Cut Bundle, $3,000 on an HP Latex 560 or $1,000 on an HP Latex 570. SIGN UP NOW

HP Latex Print & Cut Bundle

HP Latex 315 Print & Cut, $1,000 LOI savings

HP Latex 335 Print & Cut, $1,000 LOI savings

HP Latex 560: $3,000 LOI savings

HP Latex 570: $1,000 LOI savings

HP Latex Cash-in & Trade Up

When you upgrade your eligible trade-in, large-format product, you can get $6,000 cash back when you purchase an HP Latex 570 by Aug. 31, 2017.

HP DesignJet Cash-in & Trade Up

When you upgrade your eligible trade-in, large-format product, you can get up to $2,000 cash back when you purchase or lease one of these qualifying printers: Receive $400 on a HP DesignJet T730 36-inch printer; $1,000 on an HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction 36-inch printer; $1,250 on an HP DesignJet T1530 36-inch printer; $1,250 on an HP DesignJet T2530 Postscript Multifunction 36-inch printer; or $2,000 on an HP DesignJet T3500 36-inch printer.

You’ll receive higher trade-in value if you provide the serial number and return the formatter or motherboard of the eligible trade-in, large-format printer or control panel of the eligible trade-in copier. Purchase or lease dates must be before Aug. 31, 2017.

HP DesignJet Instant Rebates

HP DesignJet T120, 24-inch printer: $100

HP DesignJet Z5200, 44-inch printer: $600

For additional information on any of these rebates, call LexJet at 800-453-9538.

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