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Borderless Printing through Photoshop and the Epson Driver

Printing borderless Photoshop Epson printer driverOne of the commonly used features of large format inkjet printers is the borderless printing function. This can be a huge time saver since trimming prints can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Before printing borderless, examine the common output sizes and buy rolls that fit those sizes. For example, if the majority of your business is selling 8×10 units, then buy 10-inch rolls. If the majority of your sales are 24x20s and 24x30s, buy 24-inch rolls.

Once you have the proper roll sizes, you simply need to set up your workflow to execute the prints properly. Keep in mind that most printers cannot print borderless on sheets (the Epson 3880, 3800, R2880 and R2400 are the only two really designed for this).Also, keep in mind that most printers can’t print borderless on all roll sizes. Check your owner’s manual to see which roll sizes your printer can print to successfully in borderless mode.

In the two videos below, you will learn how to print borderless images through Photoshop and the Epson printer driver using a Mac or a PC, in that order.

To learn about the full workflow for printing through Photoshop and the Epson printer driver, click here for Mac and click here for PC.

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