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Banner Stands with a Lifetime Warranty: LexJet Now Offers Expand Banner Stands

Banner stands display graphicsLexJet has teamed up with Expand International of America to provide its customers with high-quality portable banner stands that enhance displays for a professional, subtle and sleek look in a variety of applications. All but one of the banner stands from Expand being offered by LexJet come with a lifetime warranty.

Expand has certified all the banner stands, excepting the MediaScreen 2 Outdoor, for the following LexJet inkjet media:

“In the some 12 years that I have been setting up companies to resell Expand displays, the question always comes up: ‘What do you recommend as media to print on?’ For years we had no answer,” explains Don Johnson, National Account Manager for Expand International of America Inc. “That’s why I am excited about working with LexJet. Now we can offer our printers a reliable source of solvent and aqueous media that has been proven in our hardware. They work and are a real value. That is what people want.”

The feeling is mutual, according to LexJet’s product manager Dione Metnick. “The Expand line of banner stands gives our customers a top-of-the-line choice to combine with LexJet’s media for the discerning end user – an end user who understands that for a slightly higher price in the short term they’ll save money over the long haul, especially with the lifetime warranty that comes with the banner stands,” says Metnick.

The following Expand banner stands are now available and shipping:

  • Expand MediaScreen 1: Retractable display with an adjustable telescopic pole
  • Expand MediaScreen 2 Indoor: Two retractable banner stands in one with a clamping profile so the pole doesn’t protrude above the image
  • Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor: Double-sided display with support feet, a resilient support pole for added stability and made with weather-resistant materials
  • Expand MediaScreen XL: Patented magnetic connectors allow users to easily link two or more displays
  • Expand MediaScreen 4: A great choice for users who need to change the image frequently
  • Expand QuickScreen 1: The standard for retractable banner stands features a compact shape and timeless design for almost any environment
  • Expand QuickScreen 3:  The patented removable cassette allows users to easily change graphics in the field
  • Expand BannerStand: Non-retractable lightweight display with a slim design in 17 different sizes
  • Expand SmartStand: It has a telescopic pole that makes it easy to change the height and adapt the image to suit specific needs
  • Expand XStand: Functional and cost effective marketing display that’s lightweight and easy to assemble

“We love the Expand banner stands because the hardware is ten times better than anything else out there. Expand has always been great if we’ve had any issues with the banner stands, which we rarely ever do,” says Carrie Dubbelde of FASTSIGNS, Roseville, Minn. “We have a group of customers who only want the Expand banner stands because they understand the value they bring from a cost standpoint over time and the impact they make for them at a trade show, special event or other display application.”

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