The Décor Guide: Our Go-To Products

In the burgeoning market of décor, the possibility for creative application is quickly expanding, and advances in technology have increased the selection of products available. To help you navigate this process, we’ve created a page of the Top Décor Products You Need Now as an easy guide to the essential tools for this growing business opportunity.

From Wall Murals to Floor Graphics, we highlight the décor products that will offer your customers a range of creative, artistic and eye-catching media.

Check out this new décor page today for information on products for:

  • Wall Murals
  • Canvas Prints
  • Window Shades & Room Dividers
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Lamp Shades
  • Tapestries

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Clinging to Creativity: Whole Foods Raises the Bar on In-Store Décor

Known for its creative and colorful signage, Whole Foods’ South Region has a four-person team of artists dedicated to the creation of innovative décor. Anyone who has visited one of their locations is familiar with the vibrant, modern signs and advertisements. And with its in-house printing facilities, this store is an enthusiastic customer of both the LexJet Promo-Point Window Cling and Decals.

jar labels“The teams love them,” says graphic artist Whitney Harlos at the Chapel Hill location, “They’re perfect for patches on signage for when the artist isn’t here, custom signage on glass and mirrored fixtures, chalkboard materials of all sizes, and low-temp coolers.”

Wall Couture Makes an Impact with Man Under Water

LexJet Print-N-Stick Wall Mural

Ken Gemes Interiors creates inviting, timeless interior environments for the discerning home owner, whether that owner is ensconced in the city or wants to revitalize a more pastoral location.

Having recently moved to the firm’s new location in Mount Vernon, N.Y., founder and president Ken Gemes transformed a warehouse space into a showcase of the firm’s design expertise. One of the pivotal components of the new space is a 15-foot-wide by 9 1/2-foot tall conference room wall mural from décor specialist Soicher Marin, based in Sarasota, Fla.

Soicher Marin has developed a line of wall coverings called Wall Couture™ that combines LexJet’s Print-N-Stick Fabric as the base material with designs, patterns, photos, art and graphics from Soicher Marin’s extensive art library, each uniquely selected and custom-printed for the client’s environment.

One of the benefits of Wall Couture/Print-N-Stick is its ease of use: it’s repositionable, removable and re-usable, and much easier to apply than traditional wallpaper or adhesive-backed vinyl. In this case, Soicher Marin printed the photograph, Man Under Water, in eight 28-inch-wide panels and sent the panels to Ken Gemes Interiors.

“Soicher Marin gave us excellent instructions and the mural went up without a hitch,” says Gemes. “The image is a real show-stopper in the conference room, and adds a big wow factor to our space.”

Soicher Marin’s Katie Bellinder says the key to a seamless application is in the overlap. “We print an inch overlap so that when they apply it to the wall, you put the first panel down, then the second one next to it with an inch of overlap, and so forth for each subsequent panel,” she says. “Then, you take a straight edge and cut off the overlaps so that you have perfect seams that don’t show. It’s not like traditional wallpaper, where you almost always have leftover material you won’t use. We print only what they need.”

The mural was printed on Soicher Marin’s HP Latex 260 Printer. Bellinder says the latex inks provide additional durability, and that scuff marks and dirt are easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Sunset Photo Matte Paper: Durable, High-Quality, Archival and Economical

sunset matte srSunset Photo Matte Paper 280g is now available exclusively at LexJet. Ideal for fine-art reproduction, high-quality fine photo prints, photo albums and high-end poster décor, the smooth archival paper produces superior color saturation and a high Dmax for high-impact image reproduction.

Sunset Photo Matte Paper is the thickest, heaviest and most durable (280g, 12-mil) inkjet paper in its class, and is also priced lower than most comparable papers, providing both value and quality.

“It’s a great paper with a slightly warmer tone, which is perfect for fine-art printing. It makes a beautiful print and it’s thick and easy to handle, but has a lower price point,” says Chip Wright of Mastercolor Professional Labs, Greensboro, N.C.

Sunset Photo Matte Paper 280g is available in 17″, 24″, 36″, 44″ and 60″ widths and 100′ roll lengths from LexJet’s North American Distribution Network. Call a LexJet print specialist at 800-453-9538 for more information and to try this new paper for your next project.

Getting the Most out of Wall Spaces with Print-N-Stick Fabric

Curious George Exhibit on Print-N-Stick

Once you start, you can’t stop. That’s been the experience for the Orlando Science Center with custom-printed wall murals for its permanent and traveling exhibits.

OSC Curious George Exhibit ColumnThe first big hall entrance mural project was for a Star Wars traveling exhibit (Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination), and since that time the Orlando Science Center has found great value in more wall murals throughout the facility, providing identification, atmosphere, visual interest, more interactivity and boosting sponsorship activity.

“The wall murals help in a lot of ways. First, it’s a big location identifier for us. We have an unusual building with a central rotunda that has a spiral staircase with a lot of glass and light. We had been using wall signs outside the halls that were 6′ x 3′ vinyl banners that we would change out, which was better than the small signs we originally used by the doors. Once we started doing these full-size murals by the hall entrances for the exhibits – and with them being such a focal point and life-sized – there was no going back,” explains Eric Vickers, Creative Manager for the Orlando Science Center. “It gives us a lot more atmosphere than just the blank walls, and it’s great for sponsorships, especially with traveling exhibits. We’re getting local exhibit sponsors again, and this provides much more visibility for them, so they are not only in our related collateral materials, but also in front of the exhibit space itself nice and big on the wall. So that’s been a great selling point.”

Exhibit Wall MuralVickers adds that most of the photographic and illustrative elements they use for the murals can print life-size so visitors interact with the murals and take photos of themselves with the characters depicted in the murals, such as the murals for the recent Curious George: Let’s Get Curious exhibit.

“With Curious George we printed out a couple of life-size Curious Georges that go up about seven feet on the columns inside the exhibit so there are additional thematic elements to brighten up the hall,” says Vickers.

Engineer It! Wall MuralThat first Star Wars wall mural was printed on LexJet PolyGloss PSA with a Canon iPF9100 inkjet printer. Since then, most of the murals have been printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric, though PolyGloss PSA is still used for murals that require a glossy finish and opacity, such as an upcoming interactive exhibit experience about Mars called Space Base.

“The Space Base exhibit murals are printed on the PolyGloss because we needed it to be completely opaque; there are seams and a darker-color paint on the wall behind the mural. We also wanted a gloss finish so that it looked more like a window looking out onto the surface of Mars, and to have a clean, space station feel,” says Vickers.

Inkjet Wall Mural
The Orlando Science Center’s Meeting & Events wall, also printed on LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric, is located next to the Center’s big terrace on the fourth floor and serves as a great advertisement for wedding and event rentals next to one of the major spaces in the facility.

The murals pictured here for the Curious George: Let’s Get Curious and the Engineer It! exhibits were printed on Print-N-Stick Fabric where the background colors on the walls were lighter.

“Print-N-Stick is our new favorite thing. It’s a material that holds up well on its own, and helps us provide more color and atmosphere to our walls,” says Vickers. “The fabric has been great because it comes off very easily, but stays put well. It’s a lighter material so it doesn’t have as much weight pulling it off. It also tends to let the air out better and goes down flatter when it’s applied. It really hugs the wall and conforms to it well. We’ve had other adhesive-back materials start to peel down from the top because of their own weight on jobs this size, but we haven’t seen that at all with Print-N-Stick.”

Vickers also uses Print-N-Stick for the main traveling exhibit hall since it changes every four months or so. And, when it’s time to put up a new mural, the old one comes down easily, doesn’t damage the wall or leave any residue behind.